Marius Span Senior developer @Betfair
On Counting and Counters: QoS – Quality of Service

You just launched an application on the market, all champagnes start popping, everybody is happy. The DevOps come to see you the next day. Nothing is pink anymore. The application stopped several times during the night due to overload. To make things even more complicated, they cannot identify the reason why the application crashed. 

Tudor Lăpușan Java & Big Data developer @ Telenav
Apache Spark : make Big Data simple

In the last year, Apache Spark received a lot of attention in the Big Data and Data Science fields mainly because it has easier, more friendly API and better memory management than MapReduce, so developers could concentrate on the logical operations of the data computation rather than the details of how computation is executed behind.


Octav Florescu iOS Developer @Telenav

Vlad Tamaș C++ Developer @Telenav

Robots are already part of our past, present and future. Although mass media is barely covering this, the same, or even less, can be said about the sports played by them. Robot Sumo is such an example.

Bogdan Apetrii Professional Human Being @Subsign
Developing design while Designing development

It seems like a common sense idea: Designers and developers must work together. However, all too often, these individuals work apart while working on the very same project. The designer works to create elements, colour palettes and typography that looks great, while the developer codes and prepares the material for web publishing. This can cause discord between the designer, the web developer and, at the end, the final design itself.

Andrei Ivanov DevOps Engineer @Endava
Configuration management with Chef

Building large scale applications is a very rewarding thing. However, the maintenance and scaling process/part of such apps can be quite challenging sometimes. The applications and the operating system can each have different, possible configurations to fit the environment they are deployed in. Moreover, they have to be consistent across the development, the QA and the production stages, and point out to the information relevant at each stage. For example, the information contained in a database URL will be different than that of a URL used in the development stage, which is obviously different than the one used in production. Some of this information is not available for all the people involved in the development process, because they should not care about it either.

Cristina Juc Organiser @ Startup Weekend Cluj
Smart Cities at SW Cluj 2016

It happened so quickly and it was so intense that we barely had the time to experience it properly. The Startup Weekend Cluj - Smart Cities event took place in early April this year and it was fantastic! Hundreds of mails and messages, even more Skype and phone calls, 11 awesome people channeling their efforts towards a common goal – all of these have made it possible. And, of course, we must not forget all our sponsors & partners.


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