Issue 27

Time Dude, a cross mobile platform 3D game

Liviu Boar
2d/3d artist, animator


Time dude is a full 3D flying shooter, game which appeared because a handful of enthusiastic people who also have a passion for gaming - artists and programmers - asked themselves "what if we created a game ourselves?" Helped by a powerful engine, professional software and bubbling over with high spirits, we started what seemed the simplest and funniest way to spend your time: shooting prehistoric cartoon people from a plane made of wood and straw.

The game does not require previous experience with its type or any other game. All you have to do is fly your shuttle on the screen, by using only one finger. The story says that John Q. Dude, aviator and dare-devil of our days, finds himself, by mistake of his friend, professor Klumsey, in a cartoony prehistory which is by no means historically accurate. His plane, in its turn, has turned into one that is made of wood and straw, bound by lianas. In other words, the logic or scientific reality didn"t get in our way.

Creatively speaking, no doubt Time Dude was a challenge: being the first game of the newly born ReeAction Studios, the problems piled up fast, but they disappeared almost as fast. Time Dude is, like the Americans put it, a labor of love. The passion for gaming, shared by the team members, meant a combination between 2D graphics, 3D graphics, sounds and music.

The technological advantage had its say. Regarding the programming, the powerful Unity 3D engine allowed us to fully take advantage of the 3D space and the power of mobile terminals. The fact that it is extremely user-friendly led to the rapid editing of the levels, which was done even by artists who were beginners in programming. From the audio-visual point of view, we have worked with Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, F1 Studio and Toon Boom Harmony; all of them are standard software in the industry.

Probably the most difficult part was a purely technical one, namely the transfer of files from the 3D soft into the 3D engine. Once the problem solved, the small issues arouse, issues inherent in a first incursion into game implementation. Almost all of them started from the discrepancy among the artists, who have ambitious visions and wish to have as many features as possible, as many grounds as possible, the highest resolution possible, but also from the limitations imposed by the fact that the game is mainly addressed to mobile phones and tablets.

The game addresses all ages. Yes, you do shoot people, but there is no graphical violence; it"s only cartoons and everything is approached in a funny and lovable manner, if we are to reckon also the talkative comments of the main character. Thus, everyone can play, from grandson to granddad.

One of the strengths of the game is that it represents a special product in its area. Generally, arcade flying shooters are simple, they have an instinctive gameplay, requiring sleight rather than strategy and they are 2D. We went to the opposite direction: the shuttle does not have the velocity of light, allowing you to dodge the enemies" missiles and come up with a minimal strategy (there are many alternative routes, decisions to make, etc). The upgrade system allowed us to implement a little Role Playing Gaming in it, through the points you can choose to allot either to the armor, to the speed or to the weapons. Therefore, we can say it is unique and we hope this will translate into many downloads, representing an appreciation in direct ratio to the volume of passion invested.

We hope that the great number of users allows us to continue to work on new levels, new enemies, new upgrades, so that we can periodically deliver quality content.

The project started january 2014 and the complete team is:

  • Programming, Game Design, Management - Nicolae Câmpian
  • Programming - György Gábor
  • 3D Art - Vlad Hărșan
  • 3D Art, Texture - Nagy Attila
  • Concepts, Textures, Music, SFX, Level Design, Voices - Liviu Boar
  • Concepts, Textures, Game & Level Design - Barbu Hărșan
  • Programming - Bogdan Mureșan
  • Textures, SFX - Cami Cuibuș
  • Concepts, Textures - Carmen Sava
  • Concepts, Textures - Illyés Hunor
  • Concepts, Textures - Vlad Botoș
  • Additional SFX - Demeter László




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