Issue 50

Interview with Eddy Vermeire, CEO @ ISDC, about Endava merging

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine


We had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Eddy Vermeire, CEO @ ISDC, about the recent merge with Endava.

Both iSDC and Endava are international companies with development centers in Cluj. It was a surprise the recent fusion between both companies. What did determine this change and what opportunities do you see here ?

There was a private equity stake in ISDC, which was keen to sell during 2016, so the ISDC board made sure they found a suitable buyer. Endava's cultural alignment, growth ambitions and track record made it the outstanding candidate to provide a secure and exciting future for our people. Similarly, for Endava, ISDC represents an ideal match providing real engineering expertise and quality, further strength in financial services and an opportunity to expand its presence selling in Europe as well as the delivery centres in Romania and Bulgaria.

Eddy Vermeire, CEO @ ISDC

We've been in discussion for a while now, but law and confidentiality clauses forced us to be low profile until signing of the final contract.

People are asking if it is a fusion between the companies or Endava bought iSDC,  especially that the name of the company will remain Endava. Could you give us more details ?

ISDC will became part of the Endava group. We joined forces with a similar company, in culture (focus on quality and excellence) and services to benefit from each other's expertise. Moving forward with the brand that holds more weight in the market is a usual practice.

What changes will bring to you and the iSDC leadership team this?

Endava is in a continuous change, adapting to the business environment. We will adapt the management structure to the new context, as part of the integration plan. A merger does mean some formal changes in title for some of the senior team and, for example, I will be looking to devote all my time to sales and building client relationships.

iSDC invested a lot, at least in Cluj, for branding identification. What will happen with iSDC and if there are any plans to retain the brand? For example, after Microsoft bought Nokia, Nokia brand remained.  

The ISDC brand has been important in building the success of the business and the intention is to continue to leverage this. In the next months, when the time is right we would look to migrate to the Endava brand to introduce this gently to our combined markets and clients.

At the end of this interview, if you have a message or advice for both iSDC and Endava employees in Cluj

Be proud on what we have achieved and continue to do so together




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