Issue 61

Editorial no. 61

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine


Product development is always a combination of its quality, its design, the segment it addresses and the efficient communication with its potential users. The programez.ro website, which I launched in silent mode last year, combines all the ingredients above . Recently, more precisely on the 5th of July, I published and promoted a preview hiring test. The results were spectacular: 340 accounts were created in three days , over 240 tests were completed and answers were given to 5514 questions. All this can be interpreted as the effect of a good collaboration with IT companies, and as the result of identifying the missing link in such an ecosystem. We promise to return soon with more such tests, and we encourage those who haven’t taken any test to do so. The Java, C++ and C# questions are medium to high in difficulty.

Although it’s summer and everyone is preparing for festivals and vacations, there is a lot of effervescence in our field. One such example is the third edition of Graduation Day, organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Babeş-Bolyai University. I was impressed by the graduates’ enthusiasm, by the projects’ alignment with present-day technologies and by its share of innovation, which is perhaps the most important aspect Romanian IT should exploit and promote. You will find further details in our current issue, in the article dedicated to this event. As for the event we organize, we inform you that we are currently preparing the event. We recently published the general structure of the Cluj IT Days event. Over the next period, we will announce, on the www.itdays.ro website, the names of the speakers invited to this year’s edition. For the impatient ones, we still have the early booking offer open until August.

The theme of this issue is Automating Trading and Performance. Performance in electronic transactioning offers you an overview of what it means to work in this field, and Algorithmic Trading and Machine Learning (I) is the first part of a complex article covering the key concepts of this domain technically. Included in the same sphere of automated trading, FIX Protocol presents a detailed account of this communication protocol. Performance is the subject of Runtime Performance in the Age of Horizontal Scaling, where you can discover the development path for hardware, its limitations, and the solutions adopted in automated trading. Although its name doesn’t reflect its content, Rule#1, you gatta have FUN! challenges you to a discussion about code optimization and the visual result of transformng C++ code into machine code. Regarding UIX, Human Centred Design: a solution for efficiency details how this approach impacts different domains, while The Design of Navigation Maps discusses the key requirements for the automotive industry. Of real interest are the two interviews we took at the USI 2017 conferences in Paris, given by Mark Esposito, who presented the technical megatrends of the future, and Moran Cerf, a prestigious neuroscience researcher.



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