Ionel Mihali

Ionel Mihali

QA Officer

FPA in practice

After publishing an article on the subject in a previous number, I accepted the invitation to explore in detail the practice of FPA. The previous article was aiming to broadly explain the FPA method, its applicability, how it can be used, the basic terminology and a brief example was given. In this article, I’ll focus more on how to apply the method.I decided that, for a better understanding, I will take an application already built (so as not go on an estimate based on functional requirements) in which we can apply the detailed measurement method.

Function Point Analysis

One would probably wonder why a metric with such a complicated name is needed since experts developers, architects, requirements engineers etc.), directly involved in the production of information systems, already have their own methods (eg. Expert Judgment) that can estimate, with a margin of error, how long it would take to develop a product or a module / component of a software product. The method has as purpose: analyzing and improving productivity, project estimating, project control, using the method at different times of development phases.


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