Cătălin Tudor

Cătălin Tudor

Principal Software Engineer @IXIA

The Joy and Challenges of Writing Quality Software

Writing quality software is not an easy task. There are many unexpected situations for which you need to keep an eye out. The range of possible difficulties is really infinite and can vary from misunderstanding real project requirements and wasting good design opportunities to not having a fair and productive interaction with the rest of the team members.

Perspectives on Object Oriented Design Principles

Popular belief about entropy leaves no room for interpretations: the bigger the entropy the greater the chance for disorder and chaos to lurk their ugly heads at every step. This means unpredictability, which of course is not amongst the desired qualities of a good design. However, as we shall see in a minute, big entropy (I am referring here to Shannon entropy not the thermodynamics version, although there are similarities) is not a quality of bad design, in fact we are not able to say anything more about a design by looking at its overall entropy than that it solves a certain problem which needs that many states as the design allows.

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