Simplex team

Simplex team

Founders of MIRA Rehab

a friend for startups

We met Marius Mocian, marius@mocian.com, at Cluj-Napoca Business Days event in July 2012 where we had a booth to show people our product MIRA (www.mirarehab.com). After explaining to Marius what MIRA was all about, he started bringing people to our booth and discussing more about the business side of the product, rather than the technical or medical part which we were used to answering. We immediately saw that he believed in what we were doing, the potential MIRA can bring to physiotherapy and that we needed help in refining our business strategy in order to reach out to investors and transform the product into a business.

Microsoft Kinect - Programming guide

In the previous issue we covered Kinect, a new technology from Microsoft that can monitor the whole body of its users in real time. After a brief introduction, we included a sequence of code aimed at initializing the device and suitable for a Hello World type application. Next, we will take a detailed look at the sequence of code and try to explain how it works.

Microsoft Kinect From SF to Reality

Since 2002, from the release of Minority Report (directed by Steven Spielberg) in which the main character John Anderton (Tom Cruise) interacts with a computer using a glove and different hand gestures, the technological world started talking about a new way to use computers, where a Natural User Interface – NUI would replace the traditional ways (mouse and keyboard) of human-computer interaction. During the following years, different projects and similar concepts were announced, but only after seven years, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 (E3), Microsoft announced Project Natal, focusing on the idea that „You are the controller”



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