Ovidiu Simionica

Ovidiu Simionica

Team Lead @Fortech

Romanian IT quo vadis

Inspired by the “What is wrong with the Romanian IT?” article published by Ovidiu Șuța from ISDC in the 23rd edition of TSM, I feel the need to use my imagination to envision a possible direction for the Romanian IT. The main idea of the article, which I fully share, is that the volume business that defines the outsourcing model has become harmful for the very market it targets.  Let us skip what can be debated forever and see how we can reshape the Romanian software industry.

Java 8 – collections processing

Java 8 is beautiful. Yes, I class it as feminine even before reaching the magic number of 8. In this article I will dare to analyze to what extent this beauty is shape versus substance. I admit that Java has constantly left its fans dissatisfied when competing with other programming languages. Lambda expressions. Yes, C# has Lambda expressions from version 2007 which was launched in 2007. Java needed 7 additional years to offer it. Functional programming came really late.

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