Bogdan-Alexandru Vlăduț

Bogdan-Alexandru Vlăduț

Java Developer @ Xoomworks

Behavior Driven Development

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) was first introduced by Dan North as a way to explain Test Driven Development to some customers who needed to apply TDD in their project (see [1] for details). It is a set of collaboration practices designed to help build the right software and to provide real value for the users (in contrast to its better-known brother, Test Driven Development, whose main goal is building the software right). BDD proposes an approach for minimizing the inherent misunderstanding which arises when the information is passed from one stage to another stage of the software development process (from client to business analysts, then to programmers and testers). It is accomplished by defining real examples as a result of the collaboration of all stakeholders involved in the project. BDD is not an integral software development methodology on its own (it does not try to address all the areas of this domain), so it should be supported by other methodologies, like Agile, Test Driven Development or Domain Driven Development.


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