Korosi Csongor

Korosi Csongor

iOS Developer @ Telenav

The WheelNav application

The AT&T Connect Ability Challenge is a competition for leveraging mobile technologies to improve the lives of people living with disabilities. Having the opportunity to help millions of people with disabilities around the world, we took the initiative and created a software solution to empower their lives. This article will describe our experience with developing such an application. Currently you can only find applications showing points of interest with accessibility on the map but no applications for people with disabilities to navigate on the App Store. WheelNav combines these two features and for the best navigation experience, it uses the Scout SDK.

Hands-On With The Watchkit SDK Creating A Navigation App

With the appearance of the WatchKit SDK a lot of iOS developers started experimenting with it and writing articles about the challenges faced during development. Following this trend, in this article we describe our first impression after tackling the WatchKit SDK head-on and the technical challenges encountered while creating a navigation enabled watch app using our Scout SDK .


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