Andrei Crăciun

Andrei Crăciun

Senior Software Architect @ Bosch Cluj

IoT Wisdom

Do you remember the famous saying: “Keep your friends close and your enemy closer” ?. That’s a very powerful quote on how to handle the entourage, but in the IoT era one more player comes into the game and that is the data. The data is generated by every device in the personal ecosystem and can offer anyone (friend or enemy) access to private information, beyond the imagination. Moreover, since one “should not wash dirty laundry in public”, keeping the data at home might be a solution. That might even work, but since “we are too poor to buy cheap”, all of us should have a private datacenter, at home, which should also provide some replication, because we all know that we “should not keep all our eggs in one basket”? Based on this knowledge, it looks like we have reached a dead end. Perhaps we should consider Mr. Einstein’s quote stating that “Imagination is more important than knowledge” (some rumors say he was pretty smart) and try to imagine a solution that will combine the power of enterprise technologies with cheap devices, in order to fulfill the needs of a home-use level datacenter.

IoT Flavor: Sensoriada

The world of software development has a lot of flavours and software developers prefer different flavours. In the world of Internet of Things (IoT) one the most important flavour is the one of SENSING. By adding a MOBILE flavour to any IoT product the solution becomes a very pleasant one. Even though sensing and mobile would be very enjoyable for the general users it is hard to find developers that would like both flavours. On one side we have volts, amperes, sensors, actuators and on the other side we have views, icons, lifecycles, uEx. Sensoriada creates a framework and defines a context that tries to fill the gap between these flavours with the only purpose of creating better applications and in the same time to allow developers to work with their favourite flavour.




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