Cosmin Gabriel Popa

Cosmin Gabriel Popa

SA R&D Osprov Team @Hewlett Packard

Learning to forget data

Computers started as a basic alternative to the human brain. The power and all that was mysterious and compelling needed replicated. Humans were the pinnacle of rational evolution but, at one point in time, they seemed limited. Eventually they started creating controllable things that will otherwise help them overcome their drawbacks. Forgetting is natural human defect and this is why we live in an era in which “the internet never forgets”. But maybe it’s time it should.

Sentiment Analysis and the complexity of online opinions

If you'd live in a world where your opinions matter, would you try to make a change? Without any doubt opinions are a constant presence in our day to day lives: suggestions, reviews, these are only a few of so many different ways to influence future decisions. In this era, when the multitude of options are choking you, opinions are the ones that can help you make a quick decision under the spotlight. But lets assume that we can evaluate everything by pros and cons, would our decisions be correct? Is it actually that simple?

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