Tudor Lăpușan

Tudor Lăpușan

Java & Big Data developer @ Telenav

Apache Spark : make Big Data simple

In the last year, Apache Spark received a lot of attention in the Big Data and Data Science fields mainly because it has easier, more friendly API and better memory management than MapReduce, so developers could concentrate on the logical operations of the data computation rather than the details of how computation is executed behind.

Hadoop MapReduce deep diving and tuning

MapReduce is the main batch processing framework from Apache Hadoop project. It was developed by Google and in 2004 they published an article describing the MapReduce concept. In 2006, Dug Cutting succeeded to implement this concept and put it into an Apache project, namely Apache Hadoop. First release happened in 14 Sep, 2007. This was the beginning of the Big Data for everyone, starting from just simple curious people to any kind of company. Soon Apache Hadoop reached a very strong community and big players, as well, such as Yahoo, Facebook, Ebay, IBM, Linkedin and others


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