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A journey through 2012 cyber-attacks and Romania’s position on cyber war

2012 was one of the most active years in the Internet history in terms of cyber-attacks on large systems and infrastructure. This article touches on a sensitive issue in Romania – the foreign IT security interventions using a top 10 of the most important attacks in 2012. The conclusions of the article try to highlight the risks faced by the Romanian infrastructure and how well we are prepared for serious cyber-attacks.

Malware pe Android statistics, behavior, identification and neutralization

Android, the operating system for Smartphones, the most popular OS mobile in the U.S. and perhaps the most popular on the planet, enjoys increasing global attention due to the diversity of the gadgets on which is installed. Unfortunately, Android doesn’t escape the attention of hackers and cyber criminals just waiting for new technologies to become popular in order to get informational, technological and financial illegal earnings. However, what is the present situation of Android?

Flame - the cyber disembodied weapon

Cybernetic war – the term that travels round the Internet and enters in all corners of the modern world. The press reaction is understandable as IT generates so many happy faces, as well as scared ones, and the Infosec domains is by far a fascinating one, full of surprises. Lately, the Stuxnet and Duqu applications discovery – two of the most dangerous malware targeted applications, developed during the entire history of the planet – but also the hacktivist and decentralized Anonymous attacks against the government services, have often put forward the threat of the cybernetic war. Many countries are dealing with this problem and taking preventive measures.



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