Vasile Mihali

Vasile Mihali

Senior Software Engineer @ Arobs

Logs and metrics in Java

As we all know we are more or less logs-dependent. The scope of this article is not to present a logging-framework within Java, but superior level of abstraction for collecting, storing and analyzing, also the way good logs can help us to have a better overview over what our software application does and how good it does that. But what are those logs and why we need them? I personally consider a log as a small point, but keep in mind that multiple points can draw a line and multiple lines a form or a direction that should be understood.

Our Java Chronicle in action case

Processing quite large text files is not an easy thing to accomplish even with all the “good guys” around like Hadoop, powerful machines, concurrency frameworks (others than Java concurrency utilities). And this because using those comes with a cost (and here we can mention money, time, or persons with necessary qualification), that not all the time is negligible and in the same time with limitations. For example, if you have to validate some of the content with a 3rd service, using Hadoop for this is a well-known anti-pattern.


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