Paul Hrimiuc

Paul Hrimiuc

Business Development Manager @ Accesa

Can a different approach to sourcing facilitate innovation?

Trying to summarize hundreds of presentation slides and peer discussions from a [Gartner summit]() is a challenging task but it is worth trying, at least in order to share it and even generate debate around it. The topic addressed at one of the latest summits was the sourcing component of the Bimodal approach preached by Gartner – the adaptive sourcing model in the new era of Digital Business where companies strive to… well, innovate.

How does Microsoft ignite the future!?

At the first edition, Ignite managed to bring together over 23.000 IT pros and business people for a full week during which Microsoft gave details related to what they did lately and what they planned for the future, for most of its range of product and services. But if you expected some big announcement to be made, then you missed out the place as not even the HoloLens were exposed. Satya’s opening keynote was not as fresh and vibrant as I expected compared to what I heard happened last year at the Partner Conference in DC, but maybe the speech was diluted also due to the fragmentation of audience and multitude of topics.


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