Călin Biriș

Călin Biriș

Marketing manager @Zonga

The Trilulilu Team from Cluj has Launched a Revolutionary National Service

The way in which we listen to music has enormously changed over the last 15 years, from audio tapes and the well-known walkmans, to audio CDs and mp3, up to the iPods with thousands of songs. Nowadays, if you have internet access and a mobile phone, you can listen to millions of songs, anywhere and at any time. This is due to the evolution of onlines and smartphones which have opened a new horizon towards collaborative consumership.

Your own startup

Think of three local online brands, which started in Cluj and came to succeed at national or international level. They are not so hard to find, are they? However, if you think about the major IT centers in Romania, Cluj is in the first three. We have many IT practitioners who are absorbed by outsourcing companies. Few are the companies that have developed their own products.

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