Monica Rațiu

Monica Rațiu

Marketing Specialist @ Altom

Become a better tester with BBST

Which is the last thing you’ve read in order to improve your testing knowledge? How do you exercise the necessary skills in your activity? Just as in other work fields, it is important for testers to be in continuous learning mode, in order to adapt to the new concepts that the technologic advance brings along, but also to improve their approaches, techniques and testing practices in a competitive environment. Change of perspectives is a daily routine in an environment that is constantly evolving, so professionals need to be up-to-date with paradigm changes that take place in their work field. 

Rapid Software Testing- a change in perspective

As some of you might have already read, almost one year ago Altom Consulting brought Michael Bolton (the tester, not the singer) to Cluj for Rapid Software Testing and Critical Thinking trainings, accomplishing one of the company’s targets: to bring an international trainer to Romania every year. Altom's goal is to organize at least one international testing event per year in order to: help spread the knowledge about new beliefs on testing, facilitate the relationship between the Romanian instructors and the international trainers and to ease access to specific information on testing.


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