Angela Lepădatu

Angela Lepădatu

Marketing Professional @ Buy & Help

Data Security in the era of Cloud Computing

When it comes to personal or corporate data security, generally we think about using an antivirus and avoiding navigation on websites which are likely to have viruses. It is not wrong to do so, but the context in which we use data and the evolution of technology have determined the emergence of new threats. If, in the past, the most frequent cause for a data breach was an external attack, today, the weakest link is represented by the members of the organization and the information owners, through the accidental and rarely intentional errors. The consequences can be disastrous, from loss of customers’ confidence, image prejudices, to data breach remediation costs and downtime, etc.

BuyAndHelp.ro - a project about affiliate marketing and the wish to help

GPEC official data says that 1 in 4 Internet users is an online shopper and in 2014 these bought products and services worth 1.1 € billion (40% growth compared to 2013). Therefore, the online shopping market in Romania is very big and continually growing. In this context, affiliate marketing has started to evolve as well. In the last few years, this concept has gained momentum and has proven to be a considerable source of revenue for all parties involved: affiliates, merchants and affiliate platforms.


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