Mădălina Nastasa

Mădălina Nastasa

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All ye faithful

24th of December 1914, the Western front during World War I - the German and the British troops vanquish one another in a bloody fight, suffering heavy losses on both sides. Suddenly, the German soldiers, who are hidden in trenches, hear Christian carols from the other side of the field and notice little lights that they soon recognize as candles for Christmas prayers. To the shock and awe of the British side, some of the bolder German soldiers cross the battle field and join in the singing and prayers. The German wish the British a Merry Christmas in English. They were unarmed and did not have any military intentions. The same troops that had hunted down one another, killing and hurting whomever, now shake hands and celebrate the birth of Jesus together, on the battle field.

Organizational Wellbeing

With the growth of companies, in terms of employee numbers, and in terms of service quality and complexity, they provide the human factor which has become a prime competitive advantage on the market. Therefore, many companies are facing a stark competition for talent, for educated, creative and dedicated employees. Here’s how the wellbeing of these colleagues becomes a priority in business...and not only for HR!

What’s waiting for us in the office of 2017

Millennials are now responsible for many of the changes that organizations underwent in the past years. Many of these changes were made out of pure necessity. Organizations had to stay updated with the needs and characteristics of the working generations or they wanted to create a workplace which is as close as possible to the ideal. And Millennials have a lot of ideals! We have already “threatened” you in this year’s papers and presentations of a new generation making its way to our offices – Generation Z, which is expected to bring new expectations, competencies and of course, needs. This generational mix may create confusion and uncertainty among employers and managers. In order to address these changes, we chose to present you with 3 major workplace trends in 2017. Let’s start!

The multigenerational workplace

The 21st century, following the example of the 20th century, brings major demographic changes, especially in the Western societies. One of these critical changes, directly linked to our subject, is an increase in life expectancy, which has almost doubled in the past years. It sounds good and it can only be a sign of progress, but how is this affecting the workplace?

Searching for (potential) talent

At the start of each and every year, most of us plan on making radical changes, whether we’re talking about ourselves or the conditions around us, usually in order to reach an extraordinary result – most sales so far, the best software, most motivated employees, largest profit etc. We know that and, therefore, in order to support the momentuum, we will greet you with the new challenges that might slow you down in reaching your extraordinary result in business. We’re keeping our fingers crossed they won’t!




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