Radu Cristea

Radu Cristea

Entrepreneur & Co-author @ Faces of Freedom, Lives of Courage

Created, designed and built in Cluj

The implementation of various calculus techniques can and must be regarded as a means of accelerating the presence of all material and spiritual conditions that continuously increase our level of civilization. (Rev. Stiinţă şi tehnică/The Science and Technology Review 1986).  Even if the quotation pertains to ages long gone by, which were times when many things occurred in a different manner than what was expected, yet, the focus on science and research in IT has been around since 1965 when the first research institutes in electronics appeared. In 1970 the first Romanian computer is produced at industrial scale, Felix C-256. In 1975 Intreprinderea de Echipamente Periferice/The Peripheral Equipment Company (IEPER) was founded together with the Romanian-American society, Romcontrol Data. During the same year, the new models from the Romanian computer family, namely Felix, appear. These were the computers that had been exported to Communist countries for 10 years. This first computer family, exclusively destined to solving the requirements of industrial units regarding production management and other applications, as well as economic and central units, was followed by the emergence of Coral, Cub and other computer brands.



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