Adela Mureșan

Adela Mureșan

Senior Big Data Developer @ VE Interactive

Automatic classification of documents using natural language processing

The artificial intelligence field is strongly connected with Big Data technologies. One of its areas deals with the study of natural language. Computers can be taught to recognize certain patterns in the processed texts and, based on them, they can automatically classify sentences, phrases or even full documents in predefined groups. Using open source instruments, one can easily configure such a project, capable of classifying text, based on a prior automatic learning phase, using a preset input data.

Real-Time Stream Processing in the Big Data Realm

We live in a world that is governed by data, a volume of data that grows exponentially each year. No wonder that we hear more and more about “Big Data technologies”. If, at the very beginning, the Big Data ecosystem was simply a collection of tools meant to cope with the data volume, now it also has to address the speed problem. As everything happens so fast around us and data driven decisions are taken on the spot, the real-time processing of events takes the lead stage in this whole Big Data realm. The paper takes a look at some options to setup such a system, capable of ingesting and processing a stream of data in real time.


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