Marius Botiș

Marius Botiș

iOS Developer @ Tora Trading Services

6 tips to use GNU/Linux on your corporate machine

We, the authors, have over a decade’s experience in running GNU/Linux in a corporate setting and we would like to share that with you, to make your journey easier. However, first, why would you want to run GNU/Linux at work rather than the operating system supplied by your employer? We don’t know, but here are some of our reasons for running it:
- It is faster – Generally, GNU/Linux is faster on the same hardware than other operating systems. Moreover, there is a quirk in corporate settings which makes this even more true: security software. You can probably get away with not installing any under GNU/Linux (because it’s not available and GNU/Linux is less susceptible to security issues), your machine will be 2x as fast.


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