Ciprian Stupinean

Ciprian Stupinean

Software Developer @ Ve Interactive

DSLs: the rapid development solution to domain specific adaptation

In the software development industry, we need to solve problems we encounter every day. To define the solution for a given problem, we use some programming languages and usually the solution consists in a piece of software. Problems and solutions can vary, but very often we see that some of them are repetitive and this can create frustration for developers. For such cases, developers came up with some generic approaches in either *design patterns* or architectural solutions. However, even in this case, repeating the same architectural solution can be frustrating and time consuming. In this context, some of the developers come out with a new solution in the area of Domain-Specific Language - a way to create new languages which are focused to resolve small and well regulated problems from a given domain, making it easier for development work.

Domain Driven Design: the fundamental solution for long term stable products

Today’s applications are undoubtedly sophisticated and rely on many technologies to do what they do. As developers we focus more on the technical implementation of the software, starting from what language, framework or tool we use for the implementation. This happens because developers are problem solvers and enjoy this part of the job. But, the truth is that a system that doesn’t solve the business need is of no use to anyone, no matter how pretty it looks or how well-architected it is implemented. When we think about a project, there are many things which can delay that project: for example bureaucracy, unclear objective, lack of resources and so on.




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