Natalia Zincenco

Natalia Zincenco

Product Manager @ Paddy Power Betfair

The seven deadly sins of your product: Imprudence of Greed

Imagine that you are searching for a new potential product or for a new functionality for your existing product that will be successful on the market. You are convinced that the market you’re targeting is in development, you talk to people in the industry, you research online, and you finally find the information needed to support your belief that the market is on an ascending trend and that your product will be a successful one. You decide to invest time and energy in the product and, soon enough, you are launching it backed up by a major marketing campaign. But your product fails. Nothing went as you have expected it to go: the market didn’t develop fast enough, you have fewer and fewer customers than you have initially estimated, you can’t cover the product costs, and you are working now in losses.


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