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Olimpiu Pop Senior Software Developer
JDK 9 – A Letter to Santa?!

As everybody knows, winter is a proper time for dreaming and hoping, a moment when dreams seem to be touchable. A moment when children and grown-ups write on paper or in their thoughts fictive or real letters to Santa Claus, hoping their dreams will become reality. This is catchy, as even the people behind OpenJDK expressed their wishes of java, on the first day of December, when they published an updated JEPs list. Hold on, don't get excited just yet...as we bitterly know, they might become reality somewhere in early 2016. Or, at least, this is the plan, and history has shown us what sticking to a plan means :).

Cristian Ruja Product Team Manager
Financial software development: trading platforms requirements

What would you feel developing software used in the biggest financial institutions worldwide, software which trades billions of Euros daily? Responsible? proud? happy? all of them together :) ? We are are trying to present, below, which are the functional and nonfunctional requirements of such a trading platform and the process used to build it, keeping high quality standards required by such a software.

Ioana Fane HR Specialist
Creative compensation

The basic concept of the compensation management is quite simple: employees perform duties for their employers and companies pay salaries according to the fulfilled objectives. Therefore, compensation is an exchange or a transaction from which both parties - employer and employee - can benefit: both sides receive something for offering another thing. However, the benefits involve much more than a simple transaction. From the employer's point of view, compensation is a matter of accessibility and motivation of the employees. The crisis period began in early 2009, when most IT companies made the transition from providing a more attractive fixed salary, to developing and establishing more appealing compensation and benefits packages, in order to attract the external resources market, but also designed to maintain current employees motivated.



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