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Püsök Orsolya Functional Architect
Thinking in Kanban

Visual card - this would be the exact meaning of the Japanese word “Kanban”, a term widely used nowadays in the world of IT. The meaning that we recognize today refers to the software development methodology famous for its simplicity but also efficiency.

Papp László Software engineer
Scrum In Practice: A Case Study

Adopting an agile approach for managing software projects is a journey, they say. This is the story of our team’s journey so far. Being a case study, it is neither an introduction to Scrum, nor a collection of best practices. Instead, I’m going to share with you the way we are applying Scrum.

Alexandru Ivan Software Engineer
The Post Classical HTTP Era: Say Hello to Real-Time Web

Whether we like it or not, we are living the transition between two eras - from the classical HTTP era towards the real-time web era. The Internet pulse has gotten faster and it’s not just a static web of documents anymore, but it’s a medium for real-time messaging which actually is a globally distributed, bidirectional, and completely real-time communication. This new type of communication has already started to change important things we know about software development, advertising, marketing, PR, and many other fields.

Waldemar Knopp Software Engineer
Industrial Automations through OPC UA

OPC (Open Platform Communication) is a standard in the industrial communication which allows universal connectivity and interoperability. It is used in the automation industry and the IT systems of industrial enterprises. The interoperability is ensured by creating and maintaining the standards of open specification.

Hunor Csomortani Software Developer
Developing safety-critical software with SCADE

The requirements imposed by the standards in the field make developing safety-critical software be a continuous challenge for everyone involved in the process. The SCADE development environment prescribes many of these rules right from the beginning of the project. Built on top of a synchronous language, having a deterministic approach, bundled with a certified C code generator and a set of tools to help with testing and verifying the product, SCADE lets us focus on implementing the high level requirements and saves us from worrying about the basic mistakes.




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