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Alin Luncan Software Engineer
Adding value when developing. A simple example

Last November „Fundația Comunitară Oradea” (http://www.fundatiacomunitaraoradea.ro) offered a few grants for ideas that can be put into practice within a year, to make the community we live in a better place. I was one of the lucky few whose project was approved and I wanted to share my way of thinking when developing for the project. The proposed project was all about the process of continuous feedback to and from local authorities on the state of the city through a web app specially crafted for this purpose: change through technology.

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Lucian Brăescu Software Developer
Clustering for High-Dimensional Data Sets

Clustering is a means to analyze data obtained by measurements. This allows us to cluster data into classes and use obtained classes as a basis for machine learning, faster measurement analysis or approximate future measurement values by extrapolation. In the following sections we will try to cover the topic of how to cluster data. This technique is especially useful when dealing with large amounts of data, a scenario not uncommon in regards to the explosion of data and information we are dealing with nowadays.

Daniel Lăcătuș Senior Software Developer
WPF – what about performance?

When it comes to .Net family of client applications, Windows Presentation Foundation is a name that is frequently found. WPF is no longer a novelty, being introduced from. Net Framework 3.0 but brings out graphical interface advantages that still make it competitive. The temptation whenever there’s something new, is to make it the ideal solution for everything. There is an ongoing discussion when it comes to choosing a Microsoft client technology, but if you don’t use the advantages brought by WPF (data-binding, dynamic styling, media services, animations) for performance reasons a lot of developers still choose WinForms.

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Andrei Otta Software developer
JQuery Europe 2013

A web developer, Haymo Meran and the ghost of Prince Johann Adam Andreas von Liechtenstein walk into a palace… Sounds like the beginning of a crazy joke but you tell that to anyone you know and they won’t have a clue what happens next. Well, unless they’ve been to or heard of jQuery Europe 2013. Truth be told, I’ve seen no actual sign that the prince’s spirit was with us, and there were 300 developers (or better said, jQuery enthusiasts), not one. The rest however is quite factual and certainly not a joke, amazing as it may sound.

Cornelia Stan Communications Officer
WordPress and the Community Spirit

Having success – easy and fast - further away of being a goal which could belong to a community - it is, still, one of the most discussed editorial subjects in business publications and many more. Of course, the innate ambitions of human beings nourish this subject, but - in the meantime – there is also being nourished an illusion: that success it is a purpose in itself, or, simply put, a superior limit we must achieve at any stake. Success it is a destination, an absolute achievement.

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