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Adrian Bontea Software Craftsman
Cone Architecture

"The universe is built on a plan the profound symmetry of which is somehow present in the inner structure of our intellect." - Paul Valery. Clean Architecture is great! Let's try that again…Clean Architecture is beautiful! Clean Architecture is symmetric! Clean Architecture is natural! Clean Architecture should really be common sense! Clean Architecture is the structure that naturally emerges when truly applying DIP: "High level modules should not depend on low level modules. Both should depend on abstractions"

Larisa Hogaș Android Developer @ Yardi România
Touched by NFC

Like many other things that we use, develop or innovate, I started the NFC journey by searching a solution for a simple problem: remembering to do things before I leave the house, more specifically, remembering to turn off the central heating system or even finding something that could do it for me. Of course then I realised that I had multiple other ideas that would ease my life or make it cool and fun. For example I wanted a way to unlock my phone without any interactions or open my car just by getting closer to the driver’s seat and many other wishes. And then NFC appeared, just like Santa, and made some of them happen.

Diana Vultur Software Developer
Aspect Oriented Programming in Design Phases

Aspect-oriented programming aims at improving the modularity of software systems, by capturing inherently scattered functionality, often called crosscutting concerns, making the evolution of such systems easier and more manageable. In order to obtain this, AOP adds an extra abstraction mechanism, called an aspect, on top of existing modularization mechanisms such as functions, classes and methods. Aspects allow developers to face up the problems of scattering and tangling by reducing the spread of code belonging to a certain concern over different components.

Cristian Raț Software Developer
Large Scale Text Classification

In the past years, artificial intelligence has become the answer to many problems, such as detecting fraud and spam messages, classifying images, determining the topic of an article etc. With the rise in the number of internet users, the quantity of data that needs to be processed has also increased. Therefore, storing and processing data on one server has become too difficult, the best solution available being processing it within a distributed system.

Claudiu Demian Systems Administrator
Puppet-based automation

Automation represents a very important component in IT, whether it is used for software development (in continuous integration, for example) or for the administration of different systems and infrastructure. In the case of big, dynamic environments, implementing a form of automation represents one of the most basic needs in order to ensure the optimization of the resource management.  

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Alexandru Palade Director of Product Development
Applied Creativity

Software development is a creative industry. We hear this statement frequently and, in time, even find ourselves repeating it. We accept its obvious truth but expend less thought on what it actually means. Ask any aspiring IT professional who gives a damn about his personal development what kind of work environment he’s looking for. Sometimes you’ll get a direct creative environment while at other times you’ll hear about wanting to have my ideas taken into account or work on diverse and challenging projects. They all mean the same thing. People who work in IT need an outlet to express themselves. They thrive on challenge and overcoming barriers, real or imagined, personal or external.

Peter Krejcik Web Designer
The advantages of using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

The use of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are among the most important web design trends for 2014. It is recommended by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) since 2003, but it was underused due to partial support on Internet Explorer (IE). But things are changing today…  In my article I will briefly present the SVG concept and discuss the practical benefits of using SVG in web design.

Alina Chereches Senior Software Developer & Scrum Master
Scrum with Extreme Programming

Managing a software development team is a job that hasn’t got easier through the years. Since the Agile Manifesto, in 2001, many software development companies and teams have tested many of the Agile methods and techniques successfully. Also known as Extreme Project Management (XPM), this approach to project management mainly addresses the aspect of changing requirements. It will increase the level of adaptability in a development team, but it will decrease that of predictability.

Cristian Pup Software Developer
Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools

With the coming of the Information Age we found solutions to previous problems but also new problems waiting to be solved. Information abounds in the digital environments but is not always easy to obtain a view of it so that we can take important decisions based on it. For this purpose the Business Intelligence tools promise to provide solutions for transforming the raw information data that we have.

Sorin Pânca Senior Systems Administrator
Keeping Your Linux Servers Up To Date (I)

In this article, which is split into multiple parts, I’m going to address the issue of keeping your Linux servers up to date. More often than not, when starting to administer the servers of a startup business, the systems administration team finds an already created datacenter setup around a bunch of servers installed with the needed software, which is often a chaotically configured, “barely functioning” setup done by the first team of developers, doing DevOps jobs.

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Bogdan Poplauschi Senior iOS Developer
iOS image caching. Libraries benchmark

In the past years, iOS apps have become more and more visually appealing. Displaying images is a key part of that, that’s why most of them use images that need to be downloaded and rendered. Most developers have faced the need to populate table views or collection views with images. Downloading the images is resource consuming (cellular data, battery, CPU etc.); so, in order to minimize this, the caching model was developed.

Tudor Mărghidanu Software Architect
Tick Tock on Beanstalkd Message Queues

Time is generally a pretty restrictive dimension; all the more so in IT, where every product, regardless of its stage of development, is submitted to this measurement. Moreover, IT developers have divided time into different categories and the resources that are allocated to each project are mainly targeted at increasing time efficiency concerning the development of the product. In this article, I will only talk about the time allocated for the execution of one application during a given session.



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