Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Techsylvania Levels Up With an IoT Village

Technology enthusiasts and IT specialists can test and win the latest gadgets and innovations at the IoT Village, during Techsylvania. The IoT Village is part of the Techsylvania event and aims to be the hotspot for all the people who are eager to see and win the latest, most innovative and practical devices and gadgets on the market.

Raluca Oanca-Boca Full Stack Developer @Self-Employed
Docker, Build and Ship

All programmers encounter at a point in  time the issue of desire to write once and can run the algorithm on different operating systems and independent, a good example would be that we want to write a class in a programming language and we can run this class on different operating systems.


Mihai Câsu Director Medical, medic primar Pediatrie @Polaris Medical
Burn Out

People spend nearly one-third of their adult lives at work, which causes workplace issues that affects professional and personal life. Targets pressure, unmanageable deadlines, mental tensions that arise in the relationships with other people, also emotional problems can cause a generalized state of mental deterioration.

Raghudeep Kannavara Security Researcher, Software and Services Group
@Intel USA
Securing Third Party Libraries: Mitigations via SDL

Third party libraries represent a potential attack vector and present security risks to the ecosystem where they are integrated because a majority of the code in numerous applications today comes from third party libraries but the risk of vulnerabilities in these libraries is widely ignored and under-appreciated. In a previous article, the author illustrated the third party library threat landscape, the challenges associated with developing a comprehensive library specific threat model and explained the common attack patterns that leverage common vulnerabilities in libraries. In this article the author discusses techniques and challenges to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities in third party libraries via Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).

Radu Murzea PHP Developer
PSR Standards in the PHP World

Correct ways to build a house, to manufacture screens of certain resolutions or fitted sizes for the clothes we wear, correct ways of measurement - these are all standards that are everywhere around us. In the case of PHP, the standards are represented by the PSR specifications. We want to invite standards into the world of PHP, so that we can better understand the ecosystem around the PHP language and its future evolution.

Septimiu Nechifor Head of Research Group @Siemens
The Energy That Makes the World Move

Throughout its intense and challenge-rich history, the technology, which deals with the processing, communication and storage of data, has provided a landscape of continuing diversification, heterogeneity and distribution, in all walks of life. The interaction between technology and the way it is used generates innovation and puts an extremely useful pressure on our ability to innovate and adapt. As can be seen in the case of individuals, and of groups made up of people and animals, heterogeneous technical systems entail a high complexity in terms of control and a continuing ability to react or to learn, to infer and to predict, to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Cătălin Criste PHP Developer @Pentalog
Symfony Framework from 1.0 to 3.0

Symfony is a framework for web PHP. It is written in PHP and is distributed under an MIT licence for free. In the PHP world, the Symfony framework is one of the most famous, most popular,most used and most appreciated frameworks. These features are due to the fact that, it has a large and powerful community behind, a consistent and thorough documentation, it can be learned relatively quickly due to the resources available online, it offers a new certification system and an ever growing number of users.

Ovidiu Petridean Senior Software Developer @ SDL Research
Kafka in the Big Data ecosystem

This article presents an overview of the concepts, which form the Kafka system, and the role they play in the Big Data ecosystem. The Big Data world is getting more and more popular and the interest for the technologies in this ecosystem is growing. Analytics is often described as one of the most intricate challenges associated with Big Data. We will not focus on why this challenge arises and how it can be approached, because, before performing analytics on data, data has to be integrated and made available to enterprise users. That is where Apache Kafka comes in.

George Mihaiu Online Marketing Specialist @Azimut Happy Employees
Consumer society 3.0. The future of the digital era

At a glance, there are two things that stand out, which also make the object of change in today’s society: the first is information and the second is speed. Digital era and century of speed are concepts which slowly become more and more familiar, which are part of us, which follow us every step of the way (literally) and which are so obvious that they become tangible. Within these lines, the so-called change is driven by the global social megatrends (demographics, market fragmentation, the emergence of new economies etc.) and by technology and innovation (Big Data, cloud computing, social networks etc.)

Adrian Șuteu DevOps @ Endava
DevOps Mythbusting

I take the liberty and the big challenge to try to explain/define what I understand when talking about DevOps. All this thoughts are gathered from my experience and forking some idea of Adam Jacobs (CEO of Chef). Forking and following Adam’s idea is exactly like we are working nowadays on our projects. Let’s try to have this article as MythBusting for DevOps discipline and DevOps role, and how together we can build a new culture and mindset in our organization.

Augusta Ene Groupleader Analytics Service Center @Bosch

Cosmin Lazar Data Scientist @Bosch
Bosch Big Data Analytics Solution for I4.0

Bosch “Invented for life” is a motto well known, but what about Bosch “Simply. Connected”? The new slogan highlights the new approach of the company that is presenting solutions for smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility, and Industry 4.0. While smart homes will offer greater convenience and safety, and smart cities will improve the quality of life, the Industry 4.0 initiative needs to make sure that the factory of the future is flexible, connected and smart and that it enables people, machines, and products to communicate with each other.


I have recently returned to my old passion, programming. Although the review and publishing process of articles spanned across my daily routine and kept me within the boundaries of programming, I cannot really say that I was writing code. When I decided to return to programming, I felt as if I had found my way back, a long road ahead, filled with challenges and satisfaction at the end of each day. I was glad to find that, at the end of the day, I can solve many more problems than what the initial estimation revealed and that I literally want to be a part of that universe where the application I develop is defined. In the end, maybe it does not even matter that you literally develop your own product or you outsource. Do you, passionate developers, also identify yourselves with these lines?

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