Anett Stoica Security Training & Awareness Lead @ Paddy Power Betfair
The Art of Phishing

Anything you do can become a work of art if you put passion, creativity and persistence into it. The world’s most impressive paintings, compositions or the most majestic buildings, were achieved with experimentation, planning, and learning from mistakes. Click rate, report rate, repeat offenders, emotional motivators, target group, scenario, are just some of the elements combined into a complex frame called phishing programs. Most times the process of mixing and matching to create a successful program becomes to the owner somewhat a work of art.


Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Five years in Cluj - Interview with Dennis Raabe

Ovidiu Mățan : Dennis, the local team has grown a lot since you came to Cluj for the first time, offices changed and new projects came. Tell us a few things about your journey and why it was special.

Dennis Raabe: It was a special journey, indeed. Besides the many successful projects delivered, the growth of the ECC team from around 40 associated to more than 800 today, what always impressed me most, was the passion and commitment of this young team. From the very first day, I knew that their special drive to show what they are capable of and 'the yes we can' attitude will help us achieve great things together.

Vlad But Managing partner @ AZIMUT Happy Employees & updateED
LMS (Learning Management Systems) - a necessary evolution

In 2000 started the mobile device technological revolution and at that moment Generation Y (of the ones born between the years 1977-1994) adopted these technologies by integrating them in their lives very easy, one could say that this was a natural evolution. The scientific explanation is a simpler one. Our brain is the organ consuming the biggest quantity of energy (approximately 20%, while the heart is consuming only 5-7%) from the total amount of energy available in the human body.




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