Issue 30

Editorial TSM 30 en

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine


Now, when the year 2014 is almost over, I wish to thank our readers for being with us online, but also in the magazine release events and the events of our partners. 2014 has been significant from the point of view of the maturity of our magazine: we have registered a higher and higher number in our release events, and online, for the Romanian and English versions, we have an average of 7000 readers monthly. During the IT Days, the number exceeded 10000 readers. This year has also meant a lot to us through the meetings with the readers of our magazine in the special release events that took place in Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov, Iasi and Targu Mures. An important project was the development of the new visual identity of our website, www.todaysoftmag.ro, respectively www.todaysoftmag.com. In 2015, we are going to continue this development by launching a job page for companies and the community, having a special support for the start-ups that wish to find collaborators.

The Romanian society in the IT area has evolved greatly within the last year; we almost have all the ingredients for the eco-system that will produce the next generation of software products and, why not, hardware. We wish you good luck and we assure you of finding in Today Software Magazine a trustworthy partner and promoter.

We are beginning this issue with an article on Entrepreneurship at the end of the year, after which we continue with MyDog, the second article of the file series dedicated to startups. We are also publishing two interesting interviews, the first one with Tudor Garba on metrics and the evaluation of software systems and the second interview with consultant Michael Bolton, on testing, but not only. We begin the series of technical articles with Performance Testing from Waterfall to Agile and The Risks of Branching; then we go on with the embedded systems. Web design is well represented in this issue through a series of articles on this subject: Save user’s time by a well-designed interface, From Design to Development and To Be or Not To Be Responsive. Since Christmas is near, we propose you to review the most important JPEs (JDK Enhancement Proposal) in The JDK 9 Promises: A Letter to Santa Claus?! The List can go on and we are inviting you to read them all!

Enjoy your reading!




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