Victor Bodnar QlikView Teamlead @ NTT Data Romania
Big Data Analytics - QlikView

Enabling access and coherent analysis of Big Data can be challenging. Hundreds of millions or billions of rows of data is not something trivial to model and access easily. It’s always the question of how much data can one honestly present in an app that processes it quickly enough to be relevant for analysis. Big Data is the reference term to massive amounts of information. In the last year, we have seen a sharp decline in the price of storage. Storage devices now can carry many terabytes in the same space footprint as a regular hard disk drive. This cost of ownership reduction caused a very sharp incline in the amounts of data that individuals store regarding to production, lifestyle, sales, sports and various other metrics. Such an increase in data storage is a crucial step in conducting more coherent analysis.

Mircea Vădan
Startups - April

Another edition of CodeCamp Cluj has just finished. In the "track" for startups and software products we had topics like: switching from outsourcing product development, product metrics and measuring them, user acquisition channels and existing accelerator programs. I feel that we are beginning the upslope, when talking about startups is not only interesting for the community of startups, but also for many other people in IT companies.


Mircea Pătraș Embedded C Software Engineer @ AROBS Transilvania Software
Embedded World – the land of technology

A fantastic experience for ordinary people and an unforgettable one for those passionate about technology. After a visit to the famous exhibition Embedded World 2017 in Nuremberg, entirely dedicated to the embedded domain, anyone will have something to tell their friends and most of the people will wish to come back again. Exploring so many booths enchants your eyes more than Disney Land. Your knowledge desire is fed same way a LAROUSSE encyclopedia does to you.

Flaviu Nistor Hardware Development Engineer @ Continental Sibiu

Dan Colceriu Hardware Development Engineer @ Continental Sibiu
Automotive ENET Interface Broadcast

It’s already been a while since the idea of an Ethernet implementation in automotive has been launched. During this time, the recipe improved, the “cookie” baked and it is now ready to be served. Therefore, to have a corect impression of the “taste”, some helpful details are in order. Nowadays, a high-end car can contain easily over a hundred ECU’s and you can imagine that the flashed software went beyond the GBytes threshold.

Bogdan Gliga Associate Software Engineer @ Telenav
Detecting Roads from Aerial Images using Deep Learning

In recent years, Deep Neural Networks have been used to generate state-of-the-art results in numerous sub-fields of computer vision. This category of algorithms can be used to extract substantial amount of information from many types of imagery. Our work is focuses on training a neural network to accurately detect roads, by analyzing tens of thousands of satellite images. In the mapping industry, having very detailed and accurate maps is of crucial importance in order to be able to build high-quality and precise routing applications. The first step towards achieving this goal is detecting all the roads in a certain area. Every other piece of traffic-relevant map information, such as turn restrictions or speed limits, depends on knowing the underlying road network.

Raluca Grigoriu Associate Software Engineer @ Telenav
Destination: QML

Many of us are searching for something. We are engaged in an infinite journey for which it is very hard to set a destination, but maybe this journey doesn’t need an end, it just needs passion along the way. Travelling throught the programming languages is not easy because we encounter many adventurous waypoints along the road. Sometimes, these waypoints represent an obstacle in our way or the view they offer is dissapointing, but it is those that fascinate us throught their simplicity and beauty that keep us going.

Lucian Torje Senior Java Developer @ Siemens
Java Performance: Tools

The goal of this article is to provide an insight into the most used java performance tools. Like any tool, its usefulness depends on its usage and on the skills of the persons using it. We used the Spring Pet clinic application during the tests, since Spring MVC & Boot is the most used web framework according to ZeroTurnaround’s Java Tools and Technologies Landscape 2016.

Cristina Juc Organiser @ Startup Weekend Cluj
#swcluj2017 - We Did It Again!

For the 6th year in a row, Startup Weekend Cluj has become a place where young people meet to exchange ideas, learn about entrepreneurship and build their own business. A weekend filled with energy, discussions & feedback sessions with mentors has ended with the final presentations and winners of the 2017 edition. Out of the 97 participants, 33 have pitched their ideas and, after the voting, 15 ideas were selected to get to the next stage.

Călin Diniș QA Consultant @ NTT DATA Romania

Mihai Tentis QA Consultant @ NTT DATA Romania
Continuous Delivery

The last few years have seen a great change in people’s mentality about software and the way they use it. This change has been brought upon us by the omnipresence of smartphones, the advent of cloud-based computing and, lately, by the Internet of things (IoT). Combine this with the ever-increasing competition of software companies on a relatively slow-growing market, and you get to the point where we are now. Nowadays, people expect to have ever-improving software on their devices, with the newest features in the shortest time possible. There is an upside to all of this: People are willing to cut you some slack when it comes to small glitches and problems in your software, knowing that you will fix them in the next release. So, now comes the point I want to discuss. How do you live up to the expectations? In our opinion, the answer is implementing Continuous Delivery for your projects.

Marian Pandilică Microsoft Senior Trainer @ Bittnet Systems
Cloud technology now available in company data centers

In 2012, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, familiarized all of us, and the Microsoft fans of the things developed in the past 30 years in particular, with the company’s mission: „a computer on every desk and in every home”. Of course, the path to this declared mission began with the launch of the revolutionary and controversial Windows 8 platform, which was designed to be present on all devices, from desktop to laptop, to mobile phones, tablets and XBOX consoles. Microsoft had to wait another two years until Bill Gates decided to fill in the „Founder and Technology Advisor” position, to fire the former CEO, replacing them with Satya Nadella, the former manager of the Cloud platform and technology division. Due to this welcomed change, Microsoft brings the new company vision to the entire worlds: „Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more!”, Satya Nadella CEO Microsoft.


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