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Safe Drive

Tudor Cobâlaș
Business Developer
@XL Team


Have you ever wanted to turn safe driving into something fun and your friends into responsible drivers? Wouldn't it be even greater to be rewarded for this? SafeDrive app makes your dreams come true.

Launched by the software company XL Team, along with Know Now Solutions, and in partnership with Microsoft, SafeDrive is a mobile app that encourages safe driving, by offering points to the drivers that do not use their mobile phones while driving. The process behind the app is quite simple. All you have to do is install the app (which is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store) and create an account or log in with Facebook. Then, each time you get behind the wheel, you just have to turn the app on and to stop using your phone until you reach your destination. Once opened, the app activates itself as soon as your speed is over 10 km/h and it shows its Release screen. If you want to use your phone while driving, you have to press the release button. However you will be notified that you will use all the points you have accumulated during that trip if you decide to do so. When the car stops, you just press the "I finished my trip" button and you see how many points you accumulated during that trip.

With a complex algorithm, the app computes the number of points earned by the driver, taking into account the length of the trip, the time and the speed. SafeDrive points are convertible into discounts to the products of our partners. For instance, with only 50 SafeDrive points, you can get 2% discount to any evoMAG product, 50 MultiBonus Card points that you can use in any MOL gas station, or a standard holiday card, offered by 9596.ro.

SafeDrive already has 2,200 active users and 2.5 driven km, so the app has already started to motivate the drivers to act responsibly while driving.

What is more, the founders' goals for the future include launching a challenge system, which, through gamification, will act as an incentive for people to stop using their phones while driving. This system will daily invite SafeDrive users to take part in a challenge, with an opponent chosen automatically by the app. The app will also select the trip from the previous day when each user earned the largest number of points. Then, the challenge winner will be the user who previously earned more points that his opponent. The prize will consist of a number of points earned by the opponent. The main objective of the challenge system is, on one side, user retention and adding a dose of risk, and, on the other side, motivating the users to use the app on a daily basis and as often as possible, so that they can earn more points, thus win more challenges the next day.

Due to the founders' initiative to incentivize the population towards safe driving and also due to their innovative solution to this problem, SafeDrive app is one of the finalists in the prestigious Edison Awards Ceremony, which will take place on 23rd of April, in New York. The subcategory where SafeDrive has been nominated and is now one of the three finalists is Health & Wellness, as part of the LIFESTYLE & SOCIAL IMPACT category.

The app has been developed in native iOS and native Android. SafeDrive's development team includes an iOS developer, Gabriel, two Android developers, Sorin and Mihai, and a UX/Designer, Oana. The testing process involves driving intensively in Bucharest and it's done by two testers, Doru and Alex.



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