Issue 34

Realreach­ - find out what’s within 15 minutes of you

Curta Cătălin
C++ Developer @ Telenav

Dragoș Andronic
Product Manager @ Telenav

Assume that you're in a new city (say Genoa, Italy) and have 2 hours until your next train or flight. You see their pay-by-hour bicycle sheds and you'd like to know how far you can bike-to in 1 hour (so that you have time to get back in time) and what sights are within this time range.

Or assume that you're driving to your next meeting and you'd like to know what parking places (paid or street-level) are within 10 minutes, by foot, from their office.

Enter RealReach

That's exactly the scenario our RealReach™ functionality aims to answer: that's the real road distance you can cover from a certain location, given a certain time limit (or route distance), with a certain navigation profile (pedestrian, bike, car) :

This puts a spin on local search acknowledging that, in most situations, time is more important than distance.

RealReach™ and electric vehicles

One special application of the RealReach™ algorithm is the e-mobility space where you can actually ask: how far can I go given my current battery level?

In this case the algorithm will also take into account not only the road geometry and battery level but also the elevation of the surrounding streets and its impact on battery usage.

In order to work RealReach™ needs to receive the vehicle's battery usage parameters. In an ideal case, these parameters are calculated based on the actual usage of the vehicle (live or historical). 

Getting started with RealReach™

On web, the RealReach™ API documentation can be found here. On the frontend, we recommend that you use Leaflet for display  (we've also written a Leaflet plugin facilitating the whole process) but we're also big fans of OpenLayers.

On mobile, see the already implemented examples in the demo projects  (the "Real Reach" menu entries) and check the reference documentation for Android and iOS.

Hopefully, in no time, you will be able to offer beautiful time-bound geo fencing in your app or web portal.

RealReach - car profile, time constraint

RealReach - car profile, distance constraint

RealReach - bike profile



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