Issue 35

Editorial 35 en

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine


The events of the IT domain also brought their contribution to the roaring of cultural and educational events that have enveloped Cluj in the month of May. One of them, the Romanian Testing Camp, reunited a great part of the testers from Cluj in a surprising location, four cinema rooms in a local mall, distinguishing itself especially through the prestige of its guests and the interesting approaches. Another event, IT Camp, invited us to travel inside the fascinating Microsoft world, maintaining in the organisation, the unfolding of the event and the selection of guests, the same high standards we were accustomed to during the previous years. For the beginning of the month of June, the TSM recommendation is Techsylania, a conference dedicated to entrepreneurs.

Another thing I would like to mention in the category of positive events of the month of May is the collaboration of TSM magazine with three students in an internship regime. On the initiative of Cluj IT Cluster, we accepted two months ago to collaborate under the form of an internship program for students. The students collaborating with TSM work on the completion of the website of the magazine, as well as on the implementation of some projects. Their domains of specialisation are informatics, economic informatics, journalism and marketing. I shall not insist upon the details of selection of the candidates, since Cluj IT Cluster has promised us an article dedicated to this subject. But I would like to emphasise the passion and dedication of these students who, even if they do not have the knowledge of senior programmers, surely outrun most of them in terms of new ideas, enthusiasm, the desire to learn and the willingness to get involved in the projects. We are still planning the summer practice. If you do not have students within your organisation, I suggest you get some, as they will certainly bring a considerable input in the development of new products or the improvement of the existing ones.

In this issue, you can find articles on different programming topics such as: Introduction in Couchbase, Data transfer through NFC and Logos and metrics in Java. Testing is represented in the article entitled: The portrait of a good tester. The area of Scum/Agile contains titles such as: Accepting change; The path towards a bug per month and What is TDD? We let you discover the rest of the articles and we hope you will enjoy the reading!



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