Laura Bota Research specialist @ Azimut Happy Employees
Feedback - how to receive it and what to do with it gives us an extremely simple and comprehensive definition: feedback is the process through which the effect of an action is transmitted back (fed-back) with the scope of modifying future actions. In a work environment feedback can be formal, as part of the evaluation process, the objective being the alignment of behaviors and attitudes to the organizational standards of the company where we work, or informal, as one-off reactions to our daily activity (expressed directly or indirectly…). Nothing too complicated so far. But we are only human. And nothing is as simple as a dictionary definition when it’s about people because emotions always get involved. We’ll get to that a bit later.

Daniel Lăcătuș Senior Software Developer
What (not) to expect

You got that job you wanted: you are a software developer. Just got out of university, with big plans, moved or living in a big city with high prospects in the IT Industry. The world is yours and you. are. trending! There is a lot of hype around you and you know you are in the right place. Passion and coffee gets you up every morning as you devour this new field. Soon some years pass, you learn the methodologies, the process, the way of working. You share your project leaders’ opinions, learn from them, but soon develop your own. Some things they get right, other you can do better. More years pass, you start to develop new abilities that are now not so technology-oriented, but more people-oriented. You start to care about your team's health and your effort to do better is noticed by the company you work for. Soon, you find yourself in a formal or informal leader position and somehow have the satisfaction that you can help others.


Epure Cristian IT Development Professional Applications @ Siemens
Exiting the corporate stereotype

What is a stereotype? A stereotype is a concept that puts a limit on reality. Stereotyping is represented as a negative paradigm, often present in the context of short-term decisions without a broad vision of the future. Corporations, generally those working in the IT field, have well-defined processes as a result of many years of analysis and testing of various techniques. Processes within a business are typically divided into three categories: primary, support, and management processes.

Oana Călugar OKRs coach & consultant @Mindfruits
How OKRs and Scrum work together

According to the Scrum Alliance, “Scrum is an Agile framework for completing complex projects. Scrum was originally formalized for software development projects, but it works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. The possibilities are endless. The Scrum framework is deceptively simple.

Laura Vaida Product Owner @ Betfair
The Emergence of Big Data in New Product Development

Big data seems to be on everyone’s mind nowadays. As a product person myself, I know that good product managers have always been data driven. However, what we witness today is an explosion of endless tools and methodologies that depending on how they are used can either make or break a future product. A growing number of product managers are struggling with this abundance of data that generates more “noise” rather than better clarifying analysis and decisions. It’s a known fact that 96% of all innovations fail to return their cost of capital (Deloitte). In this context, it is almost a no brainer that smart companies should change the way they are managing new product development. Several studies have demonstrated that those companies that manage to determine their customers’ needs and then innovate to meet them are much more profitable overall than companies who are not customer-centric.

Anca Tichy Talent Engagement Partner @ 3Pillar Global

Ioan Ciorneschi Engineering Manager @ 3Pillar Global
Can attitude predict performance?

A colleague (who is more thorough than I am) told me to how many technical interviews he attended in 2016. It was a big, but irrelevant number, which made me ponder about the power and responsibility people have when they JUDGE a person. Scared of how curt and terse « to judge » actually sounds, I applied the corporate filter and I decided to use “to evaluate” instead. It does not come off so strong. The evaluation process entails a person’s ability to be objective, while judgment seems godly and somehow final!

Tiberiu Cifor Engineering Manager
@3Pillar Global
Zero Bug Software Development and Four Amigos

We all know that the way in which software products are delivered has changed a lot in the last few years. There is an increasing need to deliver things faster and to ensure that what we deliver is high-quality. If some years ago, development teams had enough time to design an architecture, to plan what they developed very well, in the last few years, the same teams do not enjoy the same amount of time. For this reason, the work methodologies laid great focus on the time required to deliver a product. We live in a globalized world, a state of affairs which can be seen in the way teams are built. Some time ago, development teams shared the same location. This is no longer valid. The majority of the development teams are distributed on different time zones and across various cultural contexts. In spite of all this, the high-standards of software product quality is as high as it will ever be.

Daniela Păun Business Analyst @ Endava
Are you happy at work? What makes the difference?

Feb 1st marked my one year anniversary at my current company. I’ve been here several times throughout my professional life, but never before did I feel like sharing some insights about it. During my almost 10 years in business, I’ve been working for both big and small companies, local and multinational, with corporate and entrepreneurial cultures, in managerial and operational positions, yet this time something is different. Thinking about this from an inquisitive analyst perspective, it seems that at some point along the way I’ve learned some lessons, discovered new passions and confirmed some hunches about the world around me, just enough to keep the journey ahead interesting and just enough to think sharing them would bring value.

Bálint Ákos Trainer @ M&Co Training
The Myth of Serendipity

The idea that luck plays an important role in the field of innovation is well known. Just google "lucky inventions" and you will receive tons of lists with all kinds of novelties that were invented by chance – at least the authors of the lists say so. However, I have another opinion. Briefly, I believe serendipity does not exist. Okay, I know this statement is a bit radical. Everything depends on how somebody defines “serendipity”. I don’t want to start a semantics debate, I just want to show that “luck” has a much lesser role than what is commonly believed.


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