Issue 38

Siemens Developers Day 2015

Razvan Opris
Location Manager @Siemens

Technology provides new innovations and inventions that shape the lives of everybody across the world. Digitalization is now part of our everyday life. At its core lays the work of thousands upon thousands of software developers, testers, architects, project managers, engineers and more. Software development is hardly more than several decades old, it went through major transformations from what it was twenty years ago, and in the next ten years it will be completely different again.

Twenty years ago, software development was special - there was little information, not a lot of tools or development systems and it relied mostly on the creativity and inspiration of single, passionate developers with deep knowledge in theoretical concepts.

As software systems and code bases expanded both in size and complexity, these often erode due to unmanaged, ad-hoc changes and extensions. Thus, agile processes are introduced, moving away from the classical waterfall model, every so often missing to understand their impact on large systems and overall methodology.

The Siemens R&D center in Cluj-Napoca is deeply involved in supporting Siemens in addressing the challenges of digitalization. Having started a year ago, we have now a team of over 100 colleagues active in developing and maintaining high-quality, complex enterprise applications and delivering support services to business units within the Siemens global engineering powerhouse.

On the 6th of October, we will dedicate a special event for software developers: the first edition of Siemens Developers Day. Throughout this event, we will provide real life information about some challenges in the IT field, combined with engaging and fun activities for all participants. This event will be open to developers familiar with enterprise software development.

With speakers from evosoft GmbH and Microsoft, we will explore the challenges faced while evolving one organization towards a DevOps culture by the example of Visual Studio Online and we will discover if an unconventional initiative of a cloud-targeted DevOps environment reached its targets within half a year.

Evosoft is delivering many software development projects within Siemens, addressing the Industry, Energy, and Healthcare areas. Within the last five years, even large-scale projects have adopted agile methods like Scrum and continuous integration. But the development of cloud applications goes one step further: continuous delivery and continuous deployment are prerequisites to leveraging the full potential of the cloud environment. On our way towards a cloud-targeted DevOps environment, our colleagues introduced a combination of test-driven pair programming and continuous delivery. Our colleague, Kornél Molitórisz, will share the experiences and lessons learned from this unconventional initiative.

Attending our event would help you learn about the transformation of an organization - from a classic Waterfall approach towards a DevOps model, with three-week sprints and deployment into a cloud service with six worldwide scale units and more than two million users. Christian Binder, ALM Architect at Microsoft, will outline the agile transformation of the Microsoft Developer Division towards a DevOps culture by the example of Visual Studio Online. In his talk, he will provide revealing insights into how the Developer Division is working today.

If you are interested in attending this event, keep an eye on the Siemens Romania Facebook page. Subscribers of TSM will also receive more information regarding this event.

About the speakers

Kornél Molitórisz is an expert in software development and software architecture at evosoft in Budapest. He graduated from the Technical University of Budapest in 2000 and has been working for evosoft since 2003. He has participated in a variety of complex projects, mostly connected with industrial automation, railway automation and healthcare. He is a member of the Expert Office since 2011. His main topics of interest include cloud computing and the technical and methodological aspects of software development in cloud-based approaches.

Christian Binder is an ALM Architect at the Microsoft Developer Experience Group (DX). He joined Microsoft in 1999 and has been working closely with the Visual Studio Product Development Group in Redmond since 2006. He specializes in VS ALM platforms and ALM trends, such as backlog-driven organizations, Lean Teams, Cloud Cadence as well as Build-Measure-Learn. His focus is on implementing these concepts for customers, including internal adaptations for large organizations.

About Siemens Romania

Siemens celebrates this year 110 years since its first office was established in Romania. While being a major contributor to the technical and economic development of the country, Siemens is determined to play a major role in Romania's future development. With more than 1600 employees in 10 cities all over Romania, Siemens SRL is one of the biggest engineering companies in Romania. The company is present in Cluj-Napoca with two locations. The second headquarter in Cluj-Napoca, inaugurated this year in collaboration with the company's affiliate evosoft, is a regional research and development center that handles internal IT projects for Siemens, as well as software development projects for applications that are part of the company's portfolio.

About evosoft GmbH

Evosoft GmbH is a fully owned affiliate company of Siemens AG. As an international systems house headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, evosoft has been developing custom software and IT solutions for customers within Siemens AG since 1995. With roughly 1,400 employees at sites in Germany, Hungary, Romania and Turkey, evosoft supports the entire process associated with this line of business - from consulting through design, startup and training to operating.



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