Issue 40

The biggest Southeast Europe hackathon is back at Timișoara

Patricia Borlovan
Coordonator @ HackTM


Timisoara Startup Hub,​B​anat IT Association and A​RIES­TM a​re bringing back HackTM ­ the b​iggest software & hardware hackathon in the South Eastern Europe.​ The second edition of the hackathon will take place on 6 ­- 8 November and the hacks will be held at Heaven Event Venue.

HackTM is a super­sized software & hardware development hackathon which aims to mobilize and bring together as many as possible of the tech­passionate people and organizations active in IT & tech industries. And a de­focused hackathon, which also intends to create opportunities for creative thinking and action and for all those interested in the following tracks.

City projects

The smart city projects are in fact very creative software solutions created with one purpose in­mind: the quality of life for citizens. So, together with S​mart City Timisoara​we are developing severals ideas, to be developed at the hacathon.


People tend to be more and more concerned by healthcare and wellness, trying to combine a healthy lifestyle with a busy daily routine but hardly do they manage to do so. Doctors try to reach their patients easier, patients need gadgets to evaluate their health problems and everybody seems to find help in advanced technology.

This track is a special one, because on 27 ­ 28 june we organized a medium­sized HackTM dedicated only to health and medical problems and it's succes made us think that the projects developed can be really useful.


The goal of this track is to provide participating teams opportunities to design and rapidly engineer various projects like digital automotive user interfaces and HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) with real­life tools. Hackers will have the opportunity to work withstate of the art equipment provided by our sponsors and partners, and design novel and innovative gadgets and/or apps interconnecting in a clever way with current and still­to­be­invented automotive systems.

Game development

As we all know, games have a special place of their own when it comes to Software development. There are many reasons for this track to have its place on HackTM 2015, firstly because games are the most complex of software and especially because the group of game developers from Timisoara is growing and offering great support to us.

Open (IoT, hardware, mobile development and web development, etc.)

Open section is specially created for those who want to expand their experience and knowledge in existing projects or ideas. If there are people focused on IOT, hardware or interested in web, mobile, graphic design, gaming, game development etc., our mentors are willing to help them to develop their ideas and make sure the code is ready for production.

Junior league coding.

We'll have a special track dedicated to our ninjas who are still enrolled in secondary school or high­school or CoderDojo activities, but if they want and can contribute, they can also join teams and grown­ups groups registered in any of the other tracks.

Regarding the participants, organizers are welcoming up to 500 participants from secondary school, high school and university students to freelancers, employees, hackers and geeks with interest in coding are also more than welcome, within a ready­to­start team or individually, with or without their own hacking idea!

Our team will support the lonely participants to form teams prior to or during initial phase of the event. The most promising projects will be also awarded with gadgets, tickets for international conferences, hardware and many other surprises.

Aries­TM,​the co­organizer of the event and our special partners, Audials by Rapid Solution Software will offer the big prize to the winners. This will be a ticket to Mobile World Congress from Barcelona, which normally would cost 800 EUR. Here is also important to mention that the ticket to the conference will include the participation to the biggest hackathons organized during the event.

The registration for tickets is available on the hackathon's website and E​ventbrite.​




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