Issue 43

Editorial nr 43

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine


Happy New Year ! As it usually happens, the beginning of the year brings future plans for each of us. Before updating you with this year's projects, we wish to highlight that our desire is to maintain the development of the magazine on the same growing trend of quality, online visibility, as well as that of organizing the monthly events of releasing every new issue. Moreover, we are concerned with developing better communication with the collaborators of the magazine. The first steps in this line are the creation of a private online place for discussions and the organization of some workshops which can offer the collaborators of the magazine the opportunity of some real learning experiences. We informed you about the programez.ro service, in the previous issue of the magazine. We hope to launch it soon and offer, to those who are interested, the possibility of solving the certification tests for companies for certain positions. For anyone who wants a preview, it is available on beta.programez.ro. The addition of some new columns to the content of the magazine, such as the News one and that of Start-ups, is a goal we are trying to achieve starting with this number. Another change refers to the communities page, namely that we will mention only the most active ones, as we will let you know about the events organized by them. 

We are opening this issue by a series of opinions on the evolution of year 2016, seen from the business, management, UX and machine learning perspectives. Strategic flexibility during uncertainty proves that the state of insecurity can offer advantages if it is conditioned by a pertinent analysis of business volatility. The technical domain specific to IT is represented by a series of interesting subjects: a short introduction in the Fuzzy logic and specific mechanism, a theoretical approach followed by a programming guide for the Roku device; Collaboration done easy with TFS for developers and non-developers alike, which proposes a solution for collaboration within the team. We continue the series of articles on developing a web application using the latest frameworks, in the article From Zero to RESTful in four steps, API Design. Still in this area, we also include Frontend Mashup. Looking for (potential) talent in the perspective of the year 2020 is an article that draws in realistic lines the evolution of human resources and its implications in the employee / employer relationship. Another very useful article for entrepreneurs and not only for them is 10 fiscal novelties in force from 2016 with an impact on entrepreneurs. 




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