Issue 44

Smart solutions for smart cities

Cristina Juc
Organiser @ Startup Weekend Cluj

Cristina Tare
Organizer @ Startup Weekend Cluj


We live in a world where technology is growing and expanding its areas of use every single day. It's amazing how we are able to find new ways of using mobile apps to help us in our everyday life.

Do you remember The Jetsons, that futuristic utopia with flying cars, aliens, holograms and button powered homes and electronics? What was only a dream back in the '60s, is turning into reality these days. The Internet of Things has changed a lot of that we know about human lives. We have smart cars that are opened and powered with a single click on an apps button. Smart beacons are helping visually impaired people navigate indoor and all around cities. Not sure where to go for dinner? Search no further than your own phone. You now have a comprehensive list of (almost) all the restaurants around you and the meals they serve, at just an arm's length.

You think this is smart? We think this is only the beginning of it. Since there are so many areas left to explore in this field, Startup Weekend Cluj is having a special Smart Cities edition this spring.

If you want to change the way we live and interact with each other, this is the place for you. Help make people's lives easier, solve problems and develop smart solutions for smart cities and their inhabitants. Whether you have an idea to make your home smarter, a new way of improving healthcare, an accessible approach to increase economic development, they will all find their safe place for evolving as an intelligent solution at Startup Weekend Cluj 2016 - Smart Cities edition.

Imagine if one day every question would be answered, and every problem would be just a memory in the past. This is really up to us to create. Sky's the limit for what can be done. Actually, sky is no longer the limit. Neither is your imagination, because when you bring it into a team, its potential increases exponentially. Think about parks and leisure, streets and buildings, transportation, sport, health, culture and education, and so many more fields for you to bring your experience and contribution to.

During the previous Startup Weekend Cluj editions 450+ people came to work on their dreams, 139 ideas were pitched, 57 working teams were mentored by 50+ engaging and inspirational mentors, and more than 70 media and communities partners have joined us to help spread the good vibe.

Be sure to stay in touch for special announcements and to be the first one to greet our wonderful mentors and speakers. The 5th Startup Weekend Cluj - Smart Cities edition will take place between April 8-10, 2016, at SpheriK Accelerator, 21 Gării Street, Cluj-Napoca. We provide you with a context, resources, awesome mentors, and the opportunity to meet new and exciting people, eager to learn and to make a change for the better. You bring your creativity, energy and engaging personality to find smart solutions that will make our cities smarter.

For more details, news and updates visit our facebook page: www.facebook.com/StartupWeekendCluj, or follow us on Twitter: @SWCluj and #SWCluj. And for any questions or suggestions, you can always e-mail us to cluj@startupweekend.org.





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