Issue 46

Editorial no. 46

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine

Recent discussions are focused around an increasingly frequent question: When will salaries in IT begin to increase? The most frequent answer is that the salaries will keep increasing. This trend should be factored in by the major outsourcing suppliers as well. The salary increase is conditioned by the assurance of quality, by the use of the latest technologies and by an increasing amount of automated testing. The number of adept developers is on the rise year after year, and the students are well educated at the end of their BA, which is proof of the fact that many of them already find jobs in their last BA year. Moreover, this increase in quality is also due to internships. All these factors lead to a better positioning of Romanian IT on the market, at a global technological scale.

There are disadvantages, though, which have to do with small entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, this ascending trend destroys the innovation component, as can be seen from the decrease in the number of start-ups. Yet, we notice that start-ups are becoming more and more mature in terms of design and mentorship. These aspects were amply discussed during the latest Startup Weekend Cluj, which makes the subject of a special paper in this issue.

We begin the issue with a paper on Innovation Days, an event organised by Cluj IT Cluster. This year's edition had two tracks, which focused on medicine and digital administration, topics which are of interest to the IT, academic and business environments in Cluj. We continue with an interview where you will learn more about the Movidius company, based in Silicon Valley, with a branch in Timișoara. The microprocessors they develop are an integral part of Google Tango and DJI Phantom 4.

7 Things a BA Can Do for You illustrates the important role a business analyst holds in a team, being the link chain between developers, testers, project managers and designers. On Counting and Counters: QoS - Quality of Service deals with the problem of workload management, by offering a traffic monitoring solution and by adding limitations depending on the clients involved. We move on with Configuration management with Chef which offers an introduction to and a way of configuring this tool. Developing Design while Designing Development focuses on a simple idea: developers and designers must work together. Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Checking and Testing. Is there any difference? invites us to revise and redefine the process which underlies quality. The last paper belongs to the Gogu series: Mișu and His Easter Bonus.




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