Issue 47

The Rise of Privacy and Personal Data

Claudia Jelea
Avocat & Consilier in domeniul marcilor
@IP Boutique


The first months of 2016 have brought about a series of changes regarding the protection of personal data. This change also affects Romania, an EU (European Union) member state.

For this reason, when the organizers of the IT Camp event (www.itcamp.ro) invited me, for the third year in a row, to Cluj-Napoca, I stopped and pondered on whether I should tackle these issues or not. However, because the IT&C field is many times shrouded by the "dark clouds" of personal data - I mustered all my courage and wrote "The rise of privacy & personal data in the IT business".

It is a great challenge to speak to the IT Camp participants of matters which have to do with the recent law changes. You may ask yourselves why this is so.

First of all, IT specialists are less prone to focus on personal data (Why would they need to focus on this? Not until recently, most developers were just writing code. There were rare, superficial discussions on how they should implement concepts such as "privacy by design", transparency or "customer trust", etc. in the applications they create).

Second of all, the legal aspects mentioned above are many and complex. I estimate that, in the next five years, the topic will become notorious both in the EU and in Romania. Briefly, the legal changes take the following into account:

You may, of course, claim that there is still time, given that the New Regulations will become applicable in two years' time. However, remember that the changes are significant. Therefore, it is recommended that you use this transition period to become acquainted with the practices that you will later need to implement in the management of personal data, so that it obeys the new requirements. In the future, there will be greater exposure to inspections and complaints from individuals whose personal data has not been properly processed.

In conclusion, data protection is no longer a slogan for those keen on human rights. The topic has become an issue with serious economic consequences. The topic is not a joke anymore. The sanctions and fines will be prohibitive. We live exciting times, from a legal point of view.





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