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Master every stage of your mobile app lifecycle with HPE Mobile Center

Ovidiu Mățan
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Master the mobile app era

Users expect mobile apps to be valuable, elegant, and useful, among other things. User experience is emotional and is driven by how users think, perceive, and feel. Most importantly, users expect mobile apps to work seamlessly, regardless of their choice of technology, their location, or context.

A good user experience is essential to achieving our business goals, whether it is transforming our customers' experience, increasing workforce productivity, or growing revenues.

Delivering such an exceptional experience can be a daunting task. Mobile apps need to survive ongoing changes of the run-time environment, new devices, new operating system releases, etc. Any and all of these can lead to user frustration and app abandonment. Active apps demand constant care even if the functionality does not change.

On their own, mobile testing and analytics are valuable, but have their limitations. Testing alone only collects a small sample of data and is unlikely to represent how the larger population perceives an app, while analytic alone does not provide the full picture. However, they bring significant value when they are combined. Read further to understand how HPE Mobile app solution helps you measure the various attributes of the user experience—whether in our testing lab or in the wild—throughout the app lifecycle, and improve those that fail to meet expectations.

HPE Mobile Center

HPE Mobile Center software is the single gateway that enables you to redefine the mobile experience by delivering a predictable and repeatable mechanism for testing, monitoring, and improving your mobile apps throughout its lifecycle.

From a cobbled freeware mess of tools that didn't talk to each other, we went to a single centralized platform that is both supported and upgradeable
- Jason Bryant, Mobile QA expert

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Easily manage your devices, apps, and users with HPE Mobile Center centralized hub

HPE Mobile Center offers multiple hybrid cloud options for you to choose from. You can install HPE Mobile Center behind your firewall for greater security and high-speed performance.

Mobile devices and emulators can be connected locally or distributed, locked in a secure room, in Amazon Device Farm4, and accessed remotely via a browser.

Measure the user experience from day 1

Multiple studies confirm that the success of your mobile app—and potentially your business—depends on launch speed, performance, stability, battery usage, and other aspects of the user experience. By integrating in-app analytics to HPE Mobile Center, you can start measuring the mobile app user experience—completely, correctly, and in real time. The goal is to measure everything that impacts the user experience, so the mobile team members can

Identify performance offenders early

Network conditions can cause severe slowdowns in mobile apps, even when the users are using good quality networks, with the typical slowdown being in the range of 2X to 1000X the local performance. You simply cannot ignore the network.

Why not test using real mobile network?

Restricting testing against real networks dramatically limits the coverage to actual network conditions. It can also generate false results, and tests prove more difficult to reproduce. Such testing practice adds extra complexity due to the need to manage SIMs and contracts.

  1. Simulate network conditions - HPE Mobile Center allows network conditions to be profiled or sampled from live environments, which can then be replayed with very high fidelity during any cycle of testing (both functional and non-functional). As such, you can emulate real network behavior between components in the test environment including latency, packet loss, bandwidth limitation, and other behaviors of real networks.

  2. Identify the reasons for slow performance - Most importantly, HPE Mobile Center identifies the reasons for slowed performance and automatically provides optimization recommendations to allow your mobile apps to be remediated very early in the lifecycle.

Identify security vulnerabilities

The rapid adoption of mobile devices and the explosion of mobile apps have created a significant security challenge for organizations. Already stretched IT security teams are now responsible for mobile app security but often don't have the resources and skills to thoroughly assess and score the risk in the rapid mobile deployment model. In addition, mobile apps are an easy target for hackers, putting your customers' private data at risk.

With this in mind, HPE Mobile Center provides a super-easy way of submitting your apps for security scans.

Accelerate manual testing

Simply select one device from the device console, and HPE Mobile Center automatically documents every action you take. Whether the device is in your hands or in another location, HPE Mobile Center will stream, record, and document every interaction. HPE Mobile Center generates mobile-specific reports, annotated screen captures, movies, and valuable device parameters. Testers can then provide clear, concise feedback on the design of the apps.

This information accelerates collaboration between development and Quality Assurance teams, providing faster defect resolution and eradication. Most importantly, functional testing engineers can convert manual scripts into automated ones in a matter of seconds.

Automate functional testing

HPE Mobile Center enables mobile testing teams to automate the testing of various aspects of the user experience. The solution is built to support frequent intensive regression and functional testing supporting agile and continuous development processes.

HPE Mobile Center extends your functional testing tool to the mobile technology, giving you the ability to perform almost any operation on the devices (e.g., gesture, change in settings), cover any user scenario (e.g., test case across multiple apps, simulate events), ability to identify and manipulate objects to allow fast, easy, and maintainable cross-platform record and replay scripting.

Compatibility table

Plan, run, and scale mobile performance testing

HPE Mobile Center solves the mobile performance-testing problem by providing insight into how an application will perform under a geographically dispersed load. HPE Mobile Center makes it easy to record test scripts directly from your mobile device or on your test station and exercise on real devices. As a result, you can design, develop, and execute performance load tests, identify bottlenecks, determine system capacities, and measure the real user experience earlier and more often in the development-test cycle.

Know how your applications perform—anywhere, anytime

Once your app is live on the app store, HPE Mobile Center will proactively monitor its performance and availability by simulating critical users' actions on real mobile devices and live wireless carrier connections.

Gain insights into your users' feedback

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