Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Interview: Life at Arvato Romania as seen through an employee’s eyes

Arvato Romania, the contact-center services provider, extended its presence on the Romanian market this year, with the opening of a new support center in Cluj-Napoca. Initially, the company was looking to hire 200 people in the new office by the end of the year. However, more than 100 employees are already working in the offices, located in Liberty Technology Park Cluj. Due to this success, the company plans to end the year with a more numerous team, not only in Cluj, but also in the other two offices, located in Brașov and Sibiu.

Daniel Crainic Consultant @ 3Pillar Global
3Pillar Global: A healthy company is one where people have a clear mind, where they are smiling and brimming with ideas

Established 10 years ago, 3Pillar Global is one of the fastest growing IT service companies in Transylvania, this year’s goal being to reach 450 employees in Cluj-Napoca and Timişoara. Actively involved in the Romanian business landscape since 2009, 3Pillar Global brings together nearly 400 professionals in two offices located in the best IT centers in the country. We are talking about highly skilled engineers who are currently developing Web (Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, Front End) and mobile applications (iOS and Android). The company is an expertise hub which brings high added value to various customers in the US or the UK.


Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Master every stage of your mobile app lifecycle with HPE Mobile Center

Users expect mobile apps to be valuable, elegant, and useful, among other things. User experience is emotional and is driven by how users think, perceive, and feel. Most importantly, users expect mobile apps to work seamlessly, regardless of their choice of technology, their location, or context. A good user experience is essential to achieving our business goals, whether it is transforming our customers' experience, increasing workforce productivity, or growing revenues.


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