Issue 51

Editorial no. 51

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine


It is a well-known fact that the tedious Summer mood which also contaminates entrepreneur initiatives becomes more lively once Fall arrives. Fall brings to the IT limelight the projects which were started a year earlier, as well as the new projects. The 31st of August 2016 saw the publication of the România Start Up Plus guide, a government program which aims at providing 30 entrepreneurs with a sponsorship of up to 40,000 euros each. Any help is more than welcome for Romanian entrepreneurs, as it is a field which could be supported even more than it already is. The IT industry, which generally focuses on production, whether we talk about traditional outsourcing or Romanian R&D hubs, has many success stories. However, the general opinion is that, here too, there is need for improvement in terms of sponsorship.

As you know, IT Days, the event organized by Today Software Magazine annually, has reached its 4th edition. Even if there are two more months until the event itself, the agenda is 90% drafted. We expect 400 participants this year. They will get in touch with the latest advances in Romanian and international IT throughout the two-day event.

For those of you who read TSM online, but who would also want to consult it in printed format, we are glad to announce that, as of September 2016, you can find it at Cărturești.

In this issue, you will have the opportunity to read an interview given by Larry Wall, founder of PERL, whom we met at the YAPC 2016 event organized in Cluj. An interview with Ionică Bizău is the first article of its kind, of a new series, where we will try to bring to the limelight those Romanian developers that stand out in terms of their passion and involvement in the field. If you are interested in how you can search for texts using fuzzy logic, you can find relevant details in Text search and analysis in SAP HANA. The entire testing process, as well as the roles that each of them has within the development process of a product are detailed in Do we still need Automated Acceptance Tests if we have Unit Tests? Communication is one of the most important aspects of the team work carried out within a project. We offer you two papers that cover this topic: Communication games - Less is More and Communication patterns for developers. We also tackle the way in which we should approach clients when developing software and the way in which we define the architecture of the products in The Power of Enterprise Service Bus. We end the issue with Developing cross-platform mobile applications with Xamarin and Microsoft Azure which offers an overview of how multiplatform solutions can be rapidly developed.




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