Issue 51

3Pillar Global: A healthy company is one where people have a clear mind, where they are smiling and brimming with ideas

Daniel Crainic
Consultant @ 3Pillar Global


Established 10 years ago, 3Pillar Global is one of the fastest growing IT service companies in Transylvania, this year's goal being to reach 450 employees in Cluj-Napoca and Timişoara. Actively involved in the Romanian business landscape since 2009, 3Pillar Global brings together nearly 400 professionals in two offices located in the best IT centers in the country. We are talking about highly skilled engineers who are currently developing Web (Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, Front End) and mobile applications (iOS and Android). The company is an expertise hub which brings high added value to various customers in the US or the UK.

At 3Pillar Global, learning is one of the most important values which also powers up the engine that increases employees' skills and is a base for supporting the IT local communities. These are the reasons why the company invests a lot of energy in supporting or organizing a series of technical events of which we would like to mention some which are already booked in the company's agenda, in the coming months: We Speak JS, addressing the needs of the JavaScript community, focused on Angular & React, or Be the QA - a 6-week workshop in which junior testers and people interested in testing can learn the secrets of testing and quality assurance.

Beyond the specific technical activities where the key pillar is innovation, 3Pillar Global is a pioneer in the area of human resource strategies. In addition to the material benefits, the organizational culture is the one that makes the difference in the long term and ensures a healthy growth. With a strong internal culture, constantly open to adopting the latest and advanced concepts, 3Pillar Global is truly a healthy company. A healthy company is one where people have a clear mind, where they are smiling and brimming with creative ideas. This is an attribute that translates into a daily status which contributes to the development and performance of each individual, it is one of the beliefs of Catalin Stef, VP of Global Operations at 3Pillar Global.

In recent years, the company has invested much energy in well-being programs, and especially in integrated internal campaigns. There are several aspects that management has taken into account: diversity, long-term consistency, employee involvement.

One such program is 3Pillar Circles the Earth. Surrounding the Earth campaign aims at celebrating the company's 10-year anniversary.

Another campaign was carried out recently in the company - Office Olympics. Obviously mirroring the Rio Olympics, teams were formed to represent one of the countries where 3Pillar Global has offices (Romania, USA and India). During a whole month (June), the company organized various games, each team on a mission to learn things about the culture of the other participant countries. At the same time, they prepared a lunch with traditional food in each office. The goal of this activity was to help employees connect better, at a deeper level, by learning and experiencing new things in the context of the Olympic spirit.

Last, it is worth mentioning the Charity Food Fair, a unique internal campaign where employees are encouraged to bring homemade dishes and donate the collected money to a good cause.

From the 700 employees the company has globally, 230 are working in the new office complex, The Office from Cluj-Napoca and 120 are working in the City Business Centre in Timişoara. The offices in Romania work for renowned customers, helping them develop software solutions in areas such as: media and entertainment, information, health and financial field.




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