Issue 54

Editorial no. 54

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine

The current issue, no. 54, is the last one for 2016, so it is high time we made a short summary of what the magazine managed to do this year. Statistically speaking, throughout this year the magazine was consulted two times more online. We have had 135,000 sessions compared to 64,000 sessions in 2015 for the www.todaysoftmag.ro website. A noticeable surprise which is worth mentioning is the fact that, in the online environment, the number of readers from Bucharest outnumbered the one in Cluj for the very first time. We added 225 papers in Romanian, and a similar number in English, in the online issues, all of them being illustrative for Romanian IT. In Cluj, we had monthly launch events where we had numbers of participants ranging from 80 to 130. In the rest of the country, we were present in Bucharest and Timișoara. Starting September 2016, the magazine can also be found in Cărturești nationwide. As far as the event organised by the magazine is concerned, namely Cluj IT Days, the event surpassed our expectations this year. During the two days and throughout the three parallel tracks, 500 participants were present, and the feedback received so far demonstrates that it was a very successful event. Thank you for standing by our side, and, in the beginning of 2017, we will familiarise you with our new projects.

Regarding the current issue, we would like to announce that the main theme for this issue deals with IoT technology. This can be seen in the list of startups presented this month and in the previous issues. Interconnections in IoT - a (quasi) juridical perspective invites us to ponder on the importance of personal data in a world where each of us is connected to more and more devices. Bluetooth Beacon Tracking - It works both ways offers you some examples regarding indoor monitoring thorugh beacon devices which use Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth v4). Tracking Quality: monitoring product quality with the help of sensors describes the solution proposed by Bosch for monitoring the products during transportation, by using a local WLAN network which is connected to a series of sensors which use RFID ED for identification. IoT Wisdom presents an analysis of data processing which stems from sensors, by using RaspberryPi and/or Intel Edison in various configurations. Moreover, there is call for papers for IoT passionates for MobOS 2017, details which you can read about at the end part of the paper. We hope to have stimulated your appetite for IoT. Durin the launch this issue we will have a panel dealing with this topic, which you can follow on our YouTube channel. We continue the paper series in this issue, with an objective review of Cluj IT Days 2016 written by Claudia Mihu. How can we have performant Product Teams? offers the means for reassessing the process of defining company and employee objectives after a model applied by Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. Angular is a fashionable technology for developing SPA (Single Page Applications) web applications. You can read more about this topic in Introduction to Angular 2. Since the development and definition of the systems is an important topic, we would like to suggest : Domain Driven Design: the essential solution for long-term products și Behavior Driven Development. A practical, fast solution for adding GPS coordinates to a picture by using .NET can be noticed in Using Azure Function to write a picture's GPS coordinates. These are only some of the papers in this issue. We invite you to read them all and to comment them on TSM's Facebook account or on Meetup.com.


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