Issue 57

Editorial no. 57

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine


Over time, a job in development can offer you the chance to experiment several roles. You can become a developer, tester, Devops, team lead, architect, project and/or product manager. This is a complete experience which can transform us into specialists. Out of all these roles, the tester role is the most different and the hardest role to fulfill, because a different approach is in order, an approach which entails supplementary skills. I would like to mention attention to detail and patience. Developers and testers are symbiotically linked. They are like yin and yang; one part builds, the other part checks for flaws. On the flipside, DevOps is the link among developers, testers and operations/services. They must also understand customer requirements so that the product or service works perfectly. From this perspective, I am happy to announce that this edition includes a large percentage of papers on testing and DevOps.

Before going through the papers in this issue, I would like to mention that the next launch event will happen in Paris on the 12th of April 2017. This is the first event abroad and will be hosted by the Romanian Cultural Institute in partnership with the Romanian IT association. We will keep you up-to-date with the agenda on our Facebook and Meetup.com groups, and, if you are around, we invite you to participate.

Automated testing in the mobile field is a great challenge. Appium & Opium - Alternative solutions for automated testing offer you a practical solution without the need for a cloud platform. Zero Bug Software Development and Four Amigos invites you to analyze software development and bug classification. How can we create automated tests based on data and scenarios that keep changing? Test Factory - the next level of Test Abstraction offer a solution to this problem. Automated web testing is analyzed via CasperJS in CasperJS - the automated testing of web a aplications. Code Coverage is an important measure in determining the extent to which code can be covered by automated tests. This is detailed for the case of SoapUI in Using Squish Coco to determine code coverage. We now move to DevOps where we recommend you start with an overall picture, with suggestive images in A DevOps journey to Enterprise. Do you know what the connection between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment is? Delivering .NET solutions using Octopus Deploy provides an answer and a Continuous Deployment solution. At the end, I invite you to read the rest of the papers on DevOps, Testing and much more.

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