Issue 57

#swcluj2017 - We Did It Again!

Cristina Juc
Organiser @ Startup Weekend Cluj


For the 6th year in a row, Startup Weekend Cluj has become a place where young people meet to exchange ideas, learn about entrepreneurship and build their own business. A weekend filled with energy, discussions & feedback sessions with mentors has ended with the final presentations and winners of the 2017 edition. Out of the 97 participants, 33 have pitched their ideas and, after the voting, 15 ideas were selected to get to the next stage.

StepUp - Kids gait abnormalities by being carefully monitored. It helps doctors keep a close eye on their patients. (Andrei Munteanu)

Psytera - A tool for psychoanalysts to better manage the interaction with their clients. It will improve time efficiency and convenience, and take psychology to a digital dimension. (Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai)

Get your garbage together - This is a project meant to raise awareness & make it easier for people to recycle, and to get informed about ecology and the way in which humans affect nature. (Alexandru Tamas)

Restate - A platform for connecting people who are looking to buy a flat directly from the sellers, by passing 3rd party intermediaries. (Despina Donca)

Din grădină - Gives farmers the opportunity to sell their products online, being in direct contact with the buyer. (Ana Maria Seplecan)

Studmate - A platform for students where they can share info & other useful materials, depending on their field of interest. (Paul Chirila)

Hashiru - A local development platform where you can build your own app without having to learn to code. (Cosmin Hărănguș)

Jump in - Ride sharing for people living in the same neighbourhoods. (Eliza Nițoi)

Votespot - Contextual feedback made easy. A product which enables companies to get real-time feedback from their customers, thus improving their services & staying ahead of the competition. (Vlad Mirel)

Venue Video - An entertainment system for a venue (bar, restaurant, etc), for people to watch livestreamed videos from other places around the world & to have the opportunity to interact with people in other locations, using interactive games, advertising, etc. (David Altmayer)

PubJump - Aims to create a global platform for pub crawling to promote fun in an organized way. It would address 3 markets: the pub, the consumer and the brands. Bring new technology to the old centuries ”art” of pub crawling. (Gyula Nemeth)

Hobby Seeker - A platform for those who want to try new activities (hobbies), to find other people with the same interests they can pursue together. (Andrei Vasilescu)

HoppaCar - A website that connects all the public transport companies in Romania with their clients. Sell & buy tickets, and plan your travel itinerary all in one place. It would address mainly people who travel between cities on a regular basis. (Adrian Buhai)

Teenera - Most people don’t know what career to choose, this is where Teenera comes to the rescue. It will provide users with their own career paths and assessments of what opportunities may lie ahead. (Marian Alecu)

And the winners are:

This edition of Startup Weekend Cluj was organized by: Mircea Vadan, Adriana Pieptea, Andrada Todea, Cristina Juc, Roxana Rugina, Adrian Pica, Onisim Gabrian, Francisc Salamon, Flavia Tiloiu, Alexandru Selejan, Luiza Ivan, Larisa Lacatus, Cristina Tare, Mark Filipas.

We are very grateful to our dear mentors, who have taken their weekend time to share their own experience with the teams: Sebastian Campos Groth - Program Manager @ Techstars, Erik Barna - Founder & CEO @ Life is Hard, Florin Muresan - Founder & CEO @ Squirrly, Alex Burciu - Software Development Manager, Florian Gheorghe - Layer & Angel Investor, Adrian Gheara - Tech Startups Advisor & Investor, Andrei Firoiu - Co-Founder @ CoWork Timisoara, Lucian Despoiu - Founder & CEO @ Majoritas, Tsvetelina Yordanova - Graphic Designer, Madalin Craciun - Lead UX Designer @ mReady, Roxana Rugina - Program Facilitator @ Spherik Accelerator. The event was hosted by Galin Zhelyazkov - Advisory Board Member @ Beehive.

The whole weekend wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors: Telenav, mReady, Spherik Accelerator & Life is Hard, and our partners: Engager, Techsylvania, Tech Open Air, Pioneers, Login, Webit, How to Web, Wolves Summit, Cluj Cowork, Cluj Hub, Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca, Symme 3D & Cheerup.

You can reach us at cluj@startupweekend.org for information, or find us on social media: SWCluj.




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